Way Above Sea Level

  Friday, July 11, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

As we departed Nebraska, we were dazzled by a show of lightening from nearby thunderstorms. The radio blared warnings for neighboring counties where, "ping-pong sized hail," was falling. We were happy to be sitting in the Penske truck and not sailing through these unstable weather patterns. We made our way into Colorado.

We were much higher above sea level than we'd been for years, and the Rocky Mountain backdrop made it difficult to focus on directions. Successfully, we found our way to the beautiful new home of my college friend, Jason. Although they were a bit perplexed as to how we had managed to find ourselves on a Road Trip across the country, Jason, Whitney, and their friendly dog, Penny welcomed us into their home and we were soon chatting about all the wonderful happenings in our lives. That evening we strolled downtown Boulder, CO. We had a wonderful visit with Jason and Whitney! Hopefully the next visit will have fewer years in between.

We had lots of driving to do when we departed Denver as our visits were becoming few and far between and our ultimate destination was becoming nearer. We took Jason's advice and traveled through Glenwood Canyon. In the canyon, the scenery along the Colorado river was amazing...but it was just getting started! We took a break for a hike. I must say it was gorgeous!

Back on the road we observed the change in scenery as we exited the canyon and entered Utah.