World Headquarters

  Friday, July 4, 2014 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Welcome to Rode Trip World Headquarters; the first stop along our Cross-Country Road Trip. Here is where the magic happens behind the scenes of, where no task is too large or too small for our Admin to accomplish!

Our Admin, Mark S., welcomed us with open arms to World Headquarters, located in Columbus, Ohio.

Brian and I had lots of catching up to do with our Admin. The cityscape of Columbus provided a beautiful backdrop while we got down to business at a dinner meeting. After dinner, the conversation continued from the balcony of World Headquarters...on and on into the evening (or early morning) hours. This wasn't just business of course, although we're still developing as the first ever hologram blog. (Cool idea right, experience our travels in 3D!) Brian and I really enjoyed visiting with Mark S., our dear friend, with whom we shared never ending stories, ideas, and laughs. We even had just enough time for the $ .25 walking tour of Columbus; we enjoyed every step!

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  1. From Lorraine Dolseb on Jul 04, 2014
    Welcome to our neck of the world!! Today I'm visiting my parents in Fairborn just outside of Dayton. Looks like you're having a good time. Feel good to be off the boat for a while? Lorraine SV Changes