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On their second, full day of visiting Rode Trip Steve and Sally were blessed with sunshine. This was very good because on this day we had a goal to achieve; Sally wanted to hike the Beehive Trail. Brian and I were familiar with the Beehive; this 520 ft summit would be reached by walking along narrow cliffs and climbing up ledges with the assistance of iron bars that have been installed in the rock to be used as hand holds and foot ladders. The mountain is called the Beehive because from a distance it's shape resembles that of a hive. We described it to Sally cheerfully, "It'll be fun, a short hike with a few ladders." We had no idea that Sally is afraid of heights...but she was determined.

We left Steve at Sand Beach where he was happy to relax and beach comb (he knew of Sally's fear of heights and was smart enough to steer clear of this challenge).

So it began. Brian assured us that he was "certified" and he was at the ready to spot Sally when the goings got tough.

She was off to a good start.

The first set of iron bars was a bit overwhelming...

But after much patience, encouragement, some yelling (as positively as possible from dearest daughter), and finally a line-up of people waiting to pass below...Sally was up!

Sally was soon a pro; carefully inspecting the trail around upcoming corners and ledges before scaling the sides with ease.

Near the top, she totally ignored the trail and blazed her own in one fell swoop all the way to the summit! Sally walked across the open-face stone, bare mountain top with her arms outspread as though she were strolling through a ground level pasture.

Down the opposite side and all the way back to Sand Beach, Sally was still in awe of her feat. Steve couldn't believe the good news! Amazing things happen when you hang with the Rode Trippers...and always the celebratory feast and drinks at the end!

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  1. From Ann Landau on Aug 09, 2013
    What a wonderful gift you gave her! She looks so happy!