What's the Hold-Up?

  Wednesday, July 3, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Rode Trip is still in Bermuda, which leaves you asking..."Are they still in those stocks?"

"Can't Brian get enough of COLD, micro-brewed beer?"

"Are they having too much fun in the rockin' Bermuda clubs with their new friend, Glen?" (Fun Fact: Glen is our friends' Sanders and Valerie's nephew who is also visiting Bermuda.)

"Are they interviewing crew?" (Sanders & Glen visit Rode Trip for the afternoon.)

"Do they have cold feet and don't want to leave the beautiful, calm harbour?"

"Have they found their dream home?"

"Have they been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle..." Actually, Rode Trip had every intention of setting sail as soon as the weather offered us a good breeze. The boat is stocked and all minor repairs from the previous passage are complete. Not only have we been exploring Bermuda during this pit-stop across the Atlantic Ocean, but we've also been doing quite a bit of research for our next destinations and we have one major check to get off our preparation list before entering the Azores - liability insurance. Liability insurance is necessary in Europe, particularly if staying at a marina. Marinas expect liability coverage for $1-Million; just in case our rinky-dink boat bumps into a mega yacht. We knew this and we dragged our feet. We thought if asked we'd play stupid and say we were in progress of attaining it. But after conversing with many of our fellow cruisers who've had experience in Europe, it became painfully clear that we'd need to submit our insurance papers (along with boat documentation and passports) to clear into European countries. UGH! We plan to stay at a marina in the Azores so to avoid any conflict we want to have policy in hand prior to leaving Bermuda. Obtaining liability insurance is not so easy as we'd hoped. American companies won't provide liability only; they want to offer full policies and they want an out of water survey within the past year as well as the owner's boating resume. Brian put together his boating resume, it was actually quite impressive. But the expense and effort of an out of water survey is ridiculous when we are only seeking liability. European companies do provide liability only, just not for US documented boats. We've gotten promising feedback from two companies thus far and have our fingers crossed that they'll offer us an affordable plan. In the meantime, when we aren't drinking swizzles (Goslings Black Rum, Goslings Gold Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, Grenadine, bitters), we're also pricing marinas for the winter season and researching sights to see for our Mediterranean itinerary.

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  1. From MJ Sailing on Jul 03, 2013
    I see the rainbow, but I don't see any puppy dogs. Looks like your prior promises of Rode Trip's adventures full of rainbows and puppies is pretty half assed. ;) Just kidding. We miss you sooooo much! I wish we could be exploring Bermuda with you right now, but Guatemala is pretty cool too. Good thing we also have Skebenga a few boats down to keep us company. Love the posts and photos, can't wait to hear about more of your adventures!