Inquiring minds want to know...Fish Recipes!

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We have been eating a lot of fish aboard Rode Trip lately so we do try to mix up how it is prepared a little bit. Since all of the fish is so fresh it almost always tastes great! Spiny Lobster or Spider Crabs -
1 cup water 
1 Tbsp vinegar
2 Tbsp butter
1 clove garlic 
1 tsp lemon juice
These are really easy and the preparation simple. We use our spaghetti pot and add 1 cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar; bring the water to a boil and add the crabs/lobster to the pot and put the lid on tight. When the lobster/crabs change color they are cooked (about 6 minutes). Melt the butter and add the garlic and lemon juice to dip the meat in as you pull it out of the shell. A Bahamian classic - Fried Fish This recipe is the best way to cook small fish whole (after being gutted and gilled). It can also be used on just about any fillet as well.
1 cup flour 
1 tsp cumin 
1/2 tsp paprika 
1 tsp salt 
1/4 cup corn starch 
1 tsp baking powder
A little bit of beer or sparkling water
Cooking oil 

Mix together the flour, corn starch, baking powder and seasonings.  Whisk in beer until the mixture has the consistency of heavy cream, coat the whole fish or fillet with the mixture and fry in hot oil.
Broiled - There are lots of variations on broiling fish, but we usually keep this one really simple and use it for mild fish where we really want to taste the flavor of the fish. I usually lay the fish fillet on the broiling pan and drizzle a little olive oil over the top, sprinkle with salt, pepper and a little lemon juice. The fish goes under the broiler (we only have one setting VERY HOT) and comes out when the fillet pulls apart easily with two forks. Marinated - We do lots of different fish marinades, but this is one of our favorites.
3/4 cup black sesame oil 
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 cloves garlic  
A thumb size piece of ginger grated fine
All the ingredients are combined in a ziploc bag and the fish is allowed to sit in the marinade for 4+ hours, turning the bag over at least once in the middle to make sure all parts of the fillet are marinated. Fish Curry - This one is still a work in progress, I will share once we come up with a recipe that doesn't leave our lips burning for hours. Fish Cakes - This is a great way to use up already cooked fish, these change every time they are made, but the general process goes like this Make sure the leftover fish has no bones in it, flake it into small ( bite size or smaller ) pieces and add it a large bowl. We then use the cheese grater to grate 2-3 potatoes in with the fish, the fish potato mixture is then seasoned with curry powder, cumin, salt, pepper and paprika. Then we add a combination of the following onions, peppers, scallions, cabbage ( grated), carrots, sweet peas, corn, bread crumbs. I am sure that many other additions are possible. After these are added a couple of eggs are cracked into the mixture and chicken broth added until the mixture gets sticky enough to make into patties. The patties are then pan fried.


  1. From Jesse K on s/v Smitty on May 08, 2013
    Thanks. Can't wait to try some of these. Fair winds, Jesse

  2. From bahama mama on May 06, 2013
    WOW! Guess I don't eat enough fish! Awesome ways to make your fresh catches! YUM! THANKS FOR SHARING! We also make a fire on the beach and grill over wood fire- both lobster and fish. Ren made a whole fish I had on the grill and only marinated with salt/pepper and lime! yours is a tough life but someone has to do it!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!