Rainy Day in Paradise

  Thursday, May 2, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

At 6:30am it looked as though there was potential for yet another sunny, hot day at Flamingo Cay; and then from my SSB receiver on channel 4045 I heard Chris Parker announce "southeastern Bahamas, Acklins, Jumentos, squalls on the radar through today..." I remained optimistic but Chris Parker's weather forecast doesn't usually disappoint. At approximately 9:30am as Brian and I were getting ready to meet Serendipity for an on shore excursion, we spotted the first squall over the windward side of Flamingo Cay. What do you do when life deals you squalls? You capture freshwater!! As the first raindrops started falling Brian had jury-rigged our rain catching system, Model #1. Within the first five minutes of the rainfall, Brian had tweaked the system and Model #2 was up and working. I added several of our largest pots and bowls. The squall passed quickly and we were soon headed ashore with hatches closed and rain catcher Model #2 ready and waiting.

We came ashore on Serendipity's beach and did a bit of beach combing. We found a brown salt pond nestled behind the brush. Our goal was to reach the top of the hill where there was a light tower. Brian and I had spotted a cairn from our anchorage, maybe that marked the trail for the light tower? We soon decided that the obvious way toward Rode Trip's beach was to walk around the rocky point, there were no obvious trails here that led toward the light tower.

Lizard! These little buggers are everywhere and they are not skittish. In fact, I think this one enjoyed the attention of our zoom lens.

One brief rain shower passed over us while we made our way around the point.

The weather didn't keep the wildlife or the cruisers from enjoying our day. Here is a Bahamian Mockingbird.

Here is an American Oystercatcher.

Having rounded the point we looked back...uh oh, company...in which cove will they anchor?

Matt found the trail and we walked up and up the 19-meter incline toward the light tower. Mission accomplished, and what a view!

We took turns seeing the sights from the top of the light tower. Serendipity noticed their new neighbor, the sailboat we'd seen approaching was anchored in their snug cove.

Looking out toward the ocean we watched as the next squall came rolling over the water. Dark clouds and rain were headed our way. We descended the trail and made our way back toward the dinghy. Just as we rounded the rocky point, nearing the beach, the skies opened and the winds whipped across the island. Within minutes we were completely drenched. Everyone was smiling and we didn't rush our return to Serendipity. A fresh water rinse - glorious! Brian and I dinghied back to Rode Trip through the squall and were delighted that our rain catching system Model #2 was working. Our aluminum pot was completely full! Bet you'd like to know where that huge pot gets stowed...I'm thrilled we finally put it to use!

This squall lasted much longer than the first and while the rain was pouring down I scampered inside to fetch soap and towels. Our secluded location had just been equipped with a shower - hooray it's bath time! Ahhhh...fully lathered and rinsed without stepping foot into any saltwater. Best rainy day EVER! I scampered inside once more to dry and to gather more water containers. Whatever rain water I could manage to stow could be used for our solar shower and for dishwashing. We filled the solar shower and two containers just before the rain stopped. I had big plans for our fresh catch and that aluminum pot. Laundry! I dug out several articles of clothing, kitchen towels, and one set of sheets and got to work for the remainder of the afternoon spent washing. It was magnificent!


  1. From stephanie on May 03, 2013
    We've certainly become resourceful! I was happy as a clam to be washing laundry with FRESH water :) Hope you're seeing the signs of spring at BBV...you're always in our thoughts!

  2. From Ann Landau on May 02, 2013
    What a neat story....brings perspective on many things the rest of us get all bent out of shape about! ....love the bird and lizard photos. The native people photos aren't so bad either! :-))

  3. From stephanie on May 02, 2013
    YAY for shopping!! I know that feeling well, you don't really NEED anything but you've got to have it! Fortunately on a boat we don't often encounter got to have it opportunities because we're so far off the beaten path...but boy, a big 'ol chocolate fudge sundae would be nice about now!

  4. From bahama mama on May 02, 2013
    man how I take fresh water for granted! Awesome how you make a joy out of a rainy day! We had rain all day here in Naples Fl and we spent it shopping! YUCK! But a necessity-right- did without all this "stuff" for 7 months and now I MUST HAVE!!! But we are really trying to just "window shop" -check things out and not spend- don't truly "need" ANYTHING!!! GUYS- once again- THANK YOU for sharing your adventure....can't wait for more....had been as far as water cay with boaters but never further- so you tell everything just right- LOVE IT!!! HUGS!!