Buddy Boats Unite!

  Friday, April 5, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Super excited that our friends, Matt, Jessica, and cruising kitty, Georgie (sv/Serendipity), have joined us in Georgetown! After a grueling three months of repairs to their boat in St. Augustine, FL they are finally enjoying the sunshine and clear waters of the Bahamas. Hooray! Rode Trip and Serendipity will travel the outer islands of the Bahamas together. We began our trip on a blustery day with north-northeast winds blowing 15-20 knots. It was cloudy and chilly when we waved goodbye to the Exumas. Rode Trip set out with one reef in our main sail and the gib. We moved along nicely at 5.5 knots - 6 knots. Here is Serendipity on their way through the North Channel cut.

Seven-hours and 37-miles later it had been a long sailing day for us compared to our Exuma half-day sails. We were refreshed that the clouds had cleared and the sun came out along our way although the temperature hadn't increased. We had a beautiful view of Long Island; rolling, green hills were a change in scenery from the brown, barren islands of the Exumas. Approaching Thompson Bay we were received by a welcoming committee of five dolphins swimming in the bow. Thompson Bay is a huge area; we were able to anchor under sail and we will be well protected from forecasted east winds.


  1. From Marilyn Milcavage on Apr 06, 2013
    So can we convince you to publish Brian's pizza crust that Jessica mentions in her blog?? *g* We poor readers who live vicariously through your blog would REALLY enjoy that! LOL

  2. From Tasha Hacker on Apr 05, 2013
    So jealous of the dolphins! We haven't seen any in a long time! Glad Rode Trip and Serendipity are reunited! Xx Tasha