Goodbye, Georgetown

  Thursday, April 4, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We've spent nearly two weeks in Georgetown, though I never thought it possible, and we certainly did keep busy! This time during our stay we got acquainted with several of our fellow cruisers. It's been great fun talking about far off destinations and these conversations have put us into planning mode for our own travels. There are so many places to explore, we can't just stay in the Bahamas forever...

We spent some catch-up time with Ryan and Tasha (sv/Hideway). They shared their plans with us over cocktails and introduced us to Kerri and Ian (mv/Knot Yet) and Morgan (sv/Senara). Brian took Ryan and Tasha on a fishing excursion and returned with one lobster and two lion fish. Thanks, Tasha, for cooking a delicious dinner to pair with the fish! Fair winds toward the Dominican Republic - until we meet again! We enjoyed the company of Bridget and Martin (sv/Shin Dera). We shared some of our favorite stops in the Exumas while they shared tales of cruising in Eurpoe. Fair winds traveling north - until we meet again!

We connected with Denis and Pam (sv/Glide), mutual friends of sv/Anthyllide. We had a lovely dinner with Denis; his fish cakes are delicious! Denis and Pam shared their knowledge, their amazing experiences, and their guide books with us. We even joined Pam for a basket weaving lesson at Volleyball beach. Denis and Pam are members of the Ocean Cruising Club* (OCC) and the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). We're looking forward to future travels with Glide. Fair winds to Long Island, Bahamas - until we meet again!

Brian and I had great fun with our newfound friends Scott, Brittany, and Isla (sv/Asante) who rejoined us in Georgetown. The guys went fishing and returned with a grouper and a lobster; Brittany cooked a fabulous side-dish and we enjoyed dinner aboard Asante. The fun continued with kiteboarding, paddle boarding, tea time, and girls' night on the beach. Fair winds toward Grenada - until we meet again!

We met enthusiastic cruisers, Dick and Moira (sv/Equinox), and were thrilled to pick their brains! Dick and Moira are members of the OCC and Commodores of the SSCA. They are also friends with Glide...small world here on the water! A thousand thanks to Dick and Moira for providing us with the appropriate paper charts for our upcoming travels. Thanks also for your great storytelling and helpful facts. Fair winds toward the Abacos, Bahamas - until we meet again!

And so, we say goodbye to Georgetown yet we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with our ever-roaming community. Rode Trip now begins our exit of the Bahamas by visiting Long Island, the Jumentos Cays, and Ragged Islands along the way. We're still planning and plotting our intended course. I'll give you a hint, there's a small island just through the Windward Passage...might be a nice place for a pit-stop...

*The Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) exists to promote long-distance cruising in all its forms. Brian and I were introduced to the OCC by our friends, Mark and Marta (sv/Por Dos), also members. We love the idea of having this connection with fellow cruisers; encouragement, generosity, experience, and amazing stories! We've recently been accepted Associate Members and are keeping our eyes peeled for OCC burgees while traveling. We can become Senior Members, and get the awesome flying fish burgee, once we've completed a continuous ocean passage of at least 1,000nm.


  1. From stephanie on Apr 07, 2013
    Hi Grandma, the letters simply mean "sailing vessel" (sv) or "motor vessel" (mv). I knitted some adorable booties for our new friends, they are expecting a baby in September. I'll try to get you a photo soooon. Miss you!

  2. From Tasha Hacker on Apr 05, 2013
    I can't wait to see how it goes in Jamaica! I'm sure it'll be a blast. Many thanks to Brian for showing me how to use the spear! We caught some lovely fish dinners with it! Xx Tasha

  3. From Sue McGown on Apr 04, 2013
    We love reading your posts! I think it is wonderful that you have met so many fellow cruisers and enjoyed swapping sea stories and just good ole visits. Continued success.....A Texas landlubber (& friend of Mark S)

  4. From Grandma on Apr 04, 2013
    What do the letters before a sailing vessel name mean? I'm curious and Marilyn, asked me the same thing. Both of us read each installment, as though we were sailing and swimming right along with you. Love you....