Farewell, Piggies, It Has Been a Fabulous Visit!

  Friday, March 22, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We had quite the send-off on the final day of Bruce and Kathy's visit. Still anchored snugly between Big Majors Spot and Little Majors Spot, we had already toured Thunderball Grotto and made our way back to The Barnyard (aka Pig Beach). This would be Mark's introduction to the pigs and Bruce's and Kathy's farewell. We brought along our finest scraps; plantain peels, orange peels, and half-rotten carrots. The pigs came barreling down the beach at the sound of our dinghy motor.

Our first attempt to get ashore didn't go well. These pigs were HUNGRY! They cornered us in the dinghy, continuing to swim and squeal while Brian motored back and forth just ahead of them.

Finally, Mark thought of a diversion. Brian motored just ahead of the pigs, turned toward shore, and we threw some scraps toward the beach. The pigs turned and were in hot pursuit of the scraps. Brian quickly motored in the opposite direction and got close enough to shore for Mark and I to jump out, run ashore, and dump the remaining scraps. Phew! We made it back to the dinghy just in the knick of time because the swimming pigs were still interested in us. Once they saw their friends eating, they headed back toward the beach

Back at Rode Trip we had a light lunch and enjoyed the sunshine from the deck.

Brian, Bruce, and Mark suited up for an afternoon of fishing.

Success! The fishermen had returned with two lobsters, one welch, two glass eyed snappers, and one schoolmaster.

That evening we enjoyed one final beach excursion.

When we couldn't hold-up the sun any longer...

...we headed back to Rode Trip for sundowners and a delicious seafood feast.

Very early the following morning, Bruce and Kathy said goodbye (for now) and we all exchanged tremendous hugs. What a treat to have them aboard to share a little bit of paradise with a little bit of home.

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  1. From Jessica - MJ Sailing on Mar 24, 2013
    You didn't want to swim with the pigs? They were barely interested in us and our orange peels. One did try and climb in the dinghy with Matt though, while I was walking us up to shore. Glad you had such a great time with the family.