Fun at Red Shank Cays

  Tuesday, February 26, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I were thrilled to once again spend time with Mark, Marta, Alec, and Roan on sv/Por Dos. We had two full afternoons together. Mark and Marta were stowing some gear for us from Newport friends, John and Lory. Mark brought it by Rode Trip and we chatted for a bit while Marta, Alec, and Roan finished school at Por Dos. After school, Brian and I spent the afternoon catching up with everyone. We had much to share from our separate journeys. We chatted into the evening. Roan and Alec prepared us a most delicious pasta dinner. I invited them to cook at Rode Trip anytime! The next afternoon Marta, Alec, and Roan paddled out to Brian and I on their paddle boards while we were dinking around the perimeter of the cove. We all hoped to find a good snorkeling spot but all we managed to find were sand and sponges. Brian and I spotted two sea turtles and two huge, orange starfish. When the boys started playing bumper boards we rescued Marta and headed back to Por Dos. We had a very fun filled afternoon! Roan has been interested in cooking and baking and so I shared some recipes with him. He was anxious to bake and decided to try the apple pie recipe I'd shared. Marta and I pooled our resources and had all the tools and ingredients for the pie. Alec and Marta got to peeling and slicing apples while Roan and I got to mixing and rolling dough. When the bottom crust was in our dish, and the apple filling was added, Roan and Alec made a fabulous woven top crust. I showed them how to make Grandma's cinnamon roll-ups with the extra dough and sugar - a tasty appetizer later that day! While dessert baked Brian, Mark, Alec, and Roan played Settlers of Catan. Brian had finally found competitive players! The game lasted long into cocktail hour. Everyone had their own strategy; Roan was a trader, Alec held his resources for the appropriate moment, and Mark worked with whatever resources he could acquire as the robber kept visiting his land. I would of course have traded Mark anything, but alas was only observing. Brian did his usual build, build, build. Naturally then Roan, Alec, and Mark devised a plan to shut Brian down. But it was to no avail. I think they'll all be wanting a second go at Settlers of Catan. We topped off the day with dinner and a movie. Once again Marta and I pooled resources and made a lovely meal. We settled down to watch The Big Year, which I'd recommend. Roan served the apple pie which everyone praised. We are looking forward to more good times before we part ways once more.

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  1. From Grey McGown on Feb 26, 2013
    Your trip to the Exumas reminds me of a trip there with my fraternity brothers in 1958. Can't remember exactly where we were but went we went ashore looking for a cistern and an old mill where a sugar plantation had thrived before "the troubles" It was wonderful, feeling like Robinson Crusoe..I'll never forget an encounter in shallow water with a four foot hammer head shark which sent me scouring up the coral and bushes for higher ground..We were aboard a forty foot schooner which was comfortable for the four of us and the skipper who lived in the fo'c'sle. When we came aboard the first thing he did was show us his pistol so we'd remember who was the boss....