Walk with Us at Black Point

  Thursday, February 21, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We stayed a second day at Black Point. The forecast wasn't predicting much wind and rather than motor all afternoon in the hot son (oh, the horror!) we decided to take advantage of an opportunity to walk. There were two points of interest at Black Point; the White Horses bluffs and the Castle.

From the dock near Black Point Settlement, we set out along the [only] road heading north toward the White Horse bluffs. Along the way we were sidetracked by this road.

Our sidetrack led us to this beach; on the chart we think the larger beach just north of the pond (the one cleverly labeled "Pond"). It was a steep walk in soft sand along this beach. There was garbage strewn along the high tide line. From the south end of the beach Brian was able to view the pond from tip-toe.

Back on the northbound road we continued after our beach detour. Mid-way Brian risked himself for my safety and jumped ahead to put himself in-between me and a tiny, harmless snake that was sunbathing on our trail. He cautioned me, "turn away, stop for a minute and DON'T LOOK." Phew, he shooed the snake off the road so that it's slithering wouldn't make me jump. We walked to the end of the road where we got a close-up view of these lovely piles of sand that we'd seen from the harbor.

We continued onward. The end of our path was near the number 6 on the chart. We were not on the ocean side of the White Horse bluffs, so did not have a view of them. We did find a tide pool at the end of our road.

Back toward town, our legs were getting weary having gone 4 miles already. We weren't sure how much farther it might be to the Castle but thought to give it a try. Word on the street is that the castle, on the southwest side of the island, was built by a Californian couple who now reside there. We walked across the island and at 6 miles, totally parched we thought it better to head toward the store for a cold drink than to continue onward. That evening we relaxed with newfound friends, Ron, Simone, Kim, & Skipper aboard sv/Romone. Ron and Simone are German. They shared wonderful experiences of their previous cruises and of their new adventure cruising while parenting. We exchanged English and German lessons. We hope to spend some more time with them in Georgetown.