Bonfire at Hoffman Cay

  Friday, February 8, 2013 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I were puttering around the boat deciding what to do with ourselves. The weather report told us we wouldn't be leaving White Cay until possibly Thursday. For some of you I'm sure having at least three, possibly five, days with no schedule would be glorious! You're probably jealously reading along right now thinking, "those lucky, ungrateful, little devils!" Well we weren't being ungrateful so much as we just weren't sure how to approach a day without scheduled events. For us staying put in an area that seemed to offer few opportunities for exploring was a challenge! We did our usual breakfast, wash the dishes, shake rugs, sweep floors, tidy the boat things. Yup, Brian even helped since his boat projects are few at present. I went about cleaning out cupboards to ensure that things were staying dry. Then, a pleasant interruption. Our neighbors whom had introduced themselves the day before stopped by to invite us to a beach party later today. We were to meet at 4:00pm at the beach near the Blue Hole trail, bring something to share and bring any burnable garbage. Great! The afternoon came and went. Brian did some fishing which is quickly becoming the 'ol standby of pastimes, and I got started on Spanish lessons to prepare for our possible Western Caribbean venture. I also prepared a pasta salad and packed our drinks, plates, and utensils ready for the beach party. At 4:00pm dinghies were on the move from the five neighboring boats. We headed ashore and were looking forward to meeting other cruisers. All the dinghies anchored at the beach and out came coolers and buckets be be used as tabletops. Brian helped to find scrap wood for building a fire. I discovered I'd brought the wrong dish as nobody had brought their own plates and utensils. The sharable things were brownies, cheese and crackers, and chips and salsa. Doh! I apologized and was told, "it's not a pot luck, sweetie." Beach party and bonfire at dinner time translated into picnic to me. I envisioned spread out blankets, roaring fire, swapping stories and maybe someone would have a game of times. At our next grocery opportunity I'll have to find some sharable finger foods to keep in my back pocket. Some of the guys started a fire, which wasn't really for admiring but was truly for burning garbage. Brian and I sipped our drinks and chatted wherever we could find common interest. Everyone was very nice but we felt we didn't have much to add to conversation, this being our first visit to the Bahamas. The others had been coming here for years. At sunset a conch shell was blown. This tradition was introduced to us in New England by The Great Catsby, also a yearly Bahamas cruiser. Shortly thereafter the no-see-ums came out in full force. It was time to go, I was being eaten alive by bugs and was also quite hungry myself. We gathered our non-sharable things and politely excused ourselves from the party. Back at the boat we had left-over porgy to eat along with a delicious pasta salad!


  1. From stephanie on Feb 10, 2013
    No guilt on this boat! It's always good to hear from you, Ken. Keep those laser guys pumped too!

  2. From Brian on Feb 10, 2013
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. From ken on Feb 08, 2013
    Thanks for the B1 tip....I'll try it at Rye Harbor this spring after Laser sailing when the snow clears. Rode Trip...don't feel guys RULE!

  4. From Ed on Feb 08, 2013
    My wife was plagued by no seeums. Legs raw. Enter vitamin B1. One 250 mg tablet per day, and no more bites. Works pretty well for mosquitoes too! Well worth your try. Ed

  5. From Newington, NH on Feb 08, 2013
    Once again we are just ecstactic to here about all your adventures, and at this time more than ever, are living vicariously through blog. As we brace for 24+ inches (actually, one model said over 3 feet) of snow about to hit us, all I can say is one thing. Dammit we're jealous! lolove, SKB PS-will there be an opportunity for any sort of sKype/facetime/phone call/etc we cans end your way?