Coming Attractions - December 19, 2012

  Friday, December 21, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Today was a glorious day when broken-down cruisers were reunited! Ok, so nothing glorious about cars and boatyards, but until we serendipitously arrive at the same anchorage at a tropical island...this will have to suffice. Brian, Scott, Kim, and I piled into our economy rental car (can't get enough of small spaces) to take a trip to St Augustine, FL where Matt and Jess are all by their lonesome on the hard. We stopped along the way to pick-up some very important cargo. Thanks to Bob and Susan for safely keeping our packages while we've been stalled. Thanks to Susan for welcoming cruisers into her home for a visit. Brian and I are looking forward to the next time when we arrive in style aboard Rode Trip and can invite Bob and Susan into our home too! We arrived at the boatyard and located Serendipity after a roundabout tour of the grounds. Knocking loudly on the hull roused Jess who popped out of the hatch, "FRIENDS!" Matt followed closely behind and they both scurried down the ladder to greet us. Matt gave a tour of Serendipity's injured bottom. They are still awaiting feedback pertaining to their insurance claim before they can start any repairs. They will likely be settled into their new lot for the next two-three months. (Hot showers daily!) Needless to say we've all learned that schedules and cruising do NOT go together, not even hypothetical schedules. Matt and Jess took us inside for a customary cruiser's beverage, and pointed out some additional cosmetic damage. This helped me to appreciate our old boat because I really don't care if the woodwork gets scratched. But Serendipity's interior is repairable and she'll be shined up in no time! Brian and Georgie (aka Peaches) rekindled while we all chatted for a bit.

Then we headed downtown for a preview of St Augustine. There were beautiful, twinkling lights everywhere we looked! The passing Trolly tours would shout out, "Merry Christmas!" and we would wave and respond just as cheerily. At the Lightner Museum stop, a Trolly rider shared his glasses with us so we could enlighten ourselves by seeing flashy stars on the edges of the Christmas lights. Totally rad!

We perused the streets, browsing shops and galleries. We breathed deeply to take in the sweet scents of waffle cones and fudge. We stepped into a magic shop just in the knick of time for a show. The magician was not only a good comedian, but he had perfected every trick! We were all tempted to buy the tricks with their instructional videos. How fun would it be to levitate things while visiting other cruisers' boats!? Sure to keep the invites to cocktail hour flowing. After the magic show, we had a private disco party in the street.

St Augustine has it all! Need I say more...

On our walk back to the boatyard we took a peek into Flagler College. We've added the historical tour of the college to our to do list for our next St Augustine visit. After all, there is so much to learn about this oldest city in America.

We had to live up to "Foodie" standards so of course we brought treats! Back at Serendipity, Kim shared yet another delicious brownie creation. We topped off our visit with a night cap, dark and stormies made with...dun da da...hommade ginger beer! This was a combined effort using Kim's starter and Brian's brew. Everyone agreed that it was not only tasty, but the next time we all break down in that tropical place we'll have no lack of mixers!