Photo Fun and Movie Night

  Monday, December 17, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I were honored to be selected as this year's photographers for Scott and Kimberly's annual Christmas card. We had a beautiful setting for this year's theme "Stuck in St Marys." The tide was just right, the lighting was perfect, and so we set off in the dinghy armed with cameras and rubber boots. Merry Christmas from Anthyllide!

We decided to top-off our weekend with a movie night. Thanks to the convenient, low cost movie rentals via Red Box we thought we'd keep with the times and finally watch Brave. Our convenient Red Box is a mere 2.5 miles away and we had received a promotion code in our email to save $ .50 - what a deal! So we suited up for the day's run to be to/from the Red Box. We arrived at the Dollar General where the nearest Red Box is located. We did a quick, alphabetical search for Brave and...SOLD OUT! Well, what's another mile? Onward to the CVS Red Box (another .67 miles said my trusty GPS watch when we arrived). Catching our breath while we scanned through the CVS Red Box's movies...success! Brave was available for the taking. Brian entered the promotion code into the touch screen keyboard. "Promo Code Error" What!? Brian entered the code once again, then a third time interchanging a presumed letter "V" for the letter "U." "Promo Code Error" UGH! Now I fully understand that cruisers are cheap, but Brian looked at me and said, "Well..." and before he could utter the rest of his question I promptly responded, "Well we just RAN 3-miles for this movie, it's here, and it's only $ .50 for Pete's sake, just rent it!" On the way home we passed the baton (aka DVD) every mile or so. Our movie excitement was dwindling as our legs began to notice that we'd run nearly 6-miles. But we had run over 6-miles! This was our second long run in the past week! On the one hand, we rarely ease into things...a week of running after 7-months and we've gone 29-miles plus a long bike ride for Brian to the boatyard. On the other hand, oh how the marathoners have fallen to call 6-miles a "long run" and not a warmup. Back at home we whipped up some tacos because we were ravenous! Then settled into Brave which was quite entertaining but certainly not How to Train Your Dragon.