Running Reflections

  Wednesday, December 12, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

On Sunday it was time to let loose some of this penned-up energy and take advantage of the beautiful December weather here in GA. I'd had just about enough of cleaning the boat, reading, cleaning the boat, researching and talking engines, reading, and cleaning the boat. It was time to get back on the wagon and...RUN! Somehow I managed to talk Brian into joining me, even though I had proposed a 4 mile loop and it was the morning. We were off! And in my mind it went a little something like this: "Running! YAY! Moving FAST and feeling the fresh air on my cheeks. Gosh I miss this!" 1 Mile "Huff, puff, sheesh this is kinda hard. Well it's just the warming up, no sweat. Only it's kinda muggy outside and I am sweating a LOT. Sweating...YAY! It's HOT OUTSIDE! A mere 60-something degrees and humidity, I'll take it!" 2 Mile "Ok, no more talking just focus now halfway there..." 3 Mile "God 4 miles is a long way. This was ambitious of me, stupid. Keep going..." 4 Mile "Whee hoo! That was a great run! Check it out, 9:05 average pace just like the good 'ol marathon training days. PHEW! My knees are weak...walk it off." It felt darn good until about one-hour later when the soreness and stiffness creeped into my quads, inner thighs, and abs. Do you even use your abs when running? To keep the wheels in motion, Brian came along on Monday for another 4 mile loop, and Tuesday for a 2 mile loop. Our muscles are aching! Well, no pain no gain and we have to be bathing suit ready for the Bahamas.


  1. From stephanie on Dec 12, 2012
    Thanks, Ann! Being stalled and realizing that I do live on a boat, let's just say I welcomed your comment today as a pick-me-up! Hope all is well at BBV. I do fondly think of many people there. Happy Hanukah!

  2. From Ann Landau on Dec 12, 2012
    Yes, you do use your abs when you run. Congratulations to you both on retaining your running skills! I want you to know that many here at BBV mention you, Stephanie, and are interested in any comments I can pass along from your blog. Lots of well wishers for you both in your big adventure !