STAALLLED - December 6, 2012

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Brian is working tediously and tirelessly to become a certified Perkins 4.108 mechanic by attending "Do it Yourself 101 School." So far the course curriculum includes: Perkins Workshop Maunal, Westsail Service Manual, 2nd Edition Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual by Nigel Calder, and 2nd Edition Marine Diesel Engines by Nigel Calder. The course encourages communication with fellow students and with newly added telecommunications technology Brian has been able to collaborate easily with his peers; cruisers, power boaters (yes, we're stooping low for this one), farmers (it is a tractor engine), computer science professors, and heavy machine operators. There is the occasional thought to consult an actual mechanic, but then this would't be DIY. Brian has become familiar with mechanic-type terms such as, "grease monkey," "aw, you're f*!#ed," and having multiple applications, "LOUD YELLING." The course objective is to isolate and solve the problem by cheapest and most rational means necessary. Thus far it has been quite affordable to sit at St Marys to isolate the problem and we've been fortunate for the company of Anthyllide. It has also been quite good for the health of our bodies and minds by taking relaxing 4-mile walks to/from the grocery store. Ahhhh cruising! Today, Brian is installing the new raw water impeller pump. This was one of the various problems in need of repair. There is a repair kit on the way for the old raw water impeller pump to enable us a spare. But the water in the oil culprit...poorly installed exhaust system. More news on that soon to come from our in-house nearly mechanic. In the meantime our thoughts are with friends Serendipity, who have encountered hardship along their journey. Fortunately Matt, Jessica, and Georgie are well after a hairy ride through the St Augustine, FL inlet.

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  1. From Dennis on Dec 08, 2012
    The entrance to St. Augustine can be scary if the wind and tide are working against each other....Been there, almost didn't make it, and we were on a 57' steel schooner...glad your friends are okay.