Rode Trip Loves Visitors! - November 25, 2012

  Monday, November 26, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Today we quickly tended our chores so that we would be ready for company. Brian changed the oil (there is an oil drop ashore) and was finally able to adjust the idle on the engine. I oiled the wooden frame under the solar panel, the hatchway, and the boomkin. Brian filled all of our fuel tanks to the brim and made a few jerry can runs for diesel and gas at the nearby marina. I washed a final load of laundry. We spiffed-up Rode Trip, then spiffed-up ourselves with long overdue showers. Ready for company! Our good friend, Amanda, lives in Jacksonville, FL. We contacted Amanda when we arrived in St. Mary's, not sure if we'd stop at Jacksonville or not. We were thrilled when Amanda offered to drive to St. Mary's to visit us and see Rode Trip! It was sunny and warm when Amanda arrived this afternoon. We took a stroll through town and got to chatting straight away. So much to catch up on! Then we piled into the dinghy for a tour of Rode Trip. We showed Amanda all the ins and outs of the boat, and shared the behind the scenes details of living aboard. We talked about all sorts of good happenings in our lives; relationships, career opportunities, family, new adventures. We topped off our visit with a delicious dinner at the Riverside Cafe here in town. Thanks for a great visit, Amanda!