Mud River to Jekyll Island - November 18, 2012

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On the move again. We timed the tide so that we could short-cut through Mud River into the New Teakettle River and eventually into the Old Teakettle River which is the Intracoastal Waterway route. Prior to starting off, Brian rode the bosun's chair up the mast to adjust the port side spreader that had shifted up during some tangle on our passage. Then we headed out, blazing our own trail! The day was cool but clouds were lifting. Again we were motoring through rivers that didn't seem like they could hold our 20,000-lb sailboat. Here the New Teakettle River converges with the Old Teakettle River.

It seemed as though we were traversing through a prairie. Ah, the Georgia flooded prairies.

Here's an interesting house and location to add to the future summer home list.

The ICW was neatly marked along the way and we followed the magenta line, this time our sea legs still a bit wobbly.

Whenever we could we took the scenic route. The scenery sure had changed again.

The first of two bridges today.

We entered St. Simons Sound. There was a cargo ship anchored, possibly awaiting entry to Brunswick. There ware also several J-boats sailing about. Although Brian was tempted to raise the sail he resisted so that we could motor onward and anchor for the day.

We entered Jekyll Creek, made our way under the second bridge, and anchored via Active Captain notes just off of R24.

There was just about 1-hour of daylight left and across the river was an inviting boat ramp. We set our kayaks into the water and headed ashore for a walk. A walk! It had been five days since we'd been off the boat. Fortunately our legs still worked! We took a walk along the boat ramp road and discovered the Tidewaters; a cooperative science center operated by local 4-H and Georgia University. We found a well marked nature trail and took a stroll through the Maritime Forest and back onto the main road. The sun was getting low on the horizon so we made our way back to Rode Trip for the night. Sure was good to stretch our legs! Jekyll Island was an uncomfortable anchorage because of wind and current. We hemmed and hawed whether we wanted to explore further or continue onward the following morning. Continuing onward won the vote.

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  1. From Steve on Dec 05, 2012
    Great coastal pictures of Georgia, few people know, or are able to see and, experience these vistas.