Field Trip to Sam's Club - November 11, 2012

  Thursday, November 15, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Sunday was our final day with the rental car. We got an early start, meeting Matt & Jess at 8:00am, to head toward a Sam's Club that was located in Jacksonville, NC. We arrived at 9:30am and Sam's didn't open until 10am. Fortunately Jacksonville was merchandise central. The guys took a trip to Lowes where Matt looked for plumbing parts while Jess and I browsed Target. We found other necessities in Target, Burt's Bees cleansing face wipes, a dry-fit t-shirt on sale, and slippers. Matt did have luck putting the appropriate plumbing pieces together, but later decided to return them when he and Brian had brainstormed a less expensive fix for his project. Finally to Sam's Club where we spent about 2-hours walking the aisles and checking items off our list. Here's some of the essentials and some extras that we found: cloth towels/rags canned chicken black box wine laundry detergent canned pineapple q-tips razors dried apricots dried mushrooms deodorant dried prunes toothbrushes tampons peanut butter bleach toothpaste almonds shampoo/conditioner peanuts body wash cocoa covered almonds olive oil hershey's variety pack candy bars cider vinegar cranberry juice flour cheese rice notebooks zip locks coffee trash bags tea rechargeable batteries On our way home we stopped at West Marine. The West Marine in the Beaufort area had the largest fishing section we've ever seen in West Marine. Brian refrained from buying any gear. We also stopped at the Food Lion to get our fresh foods for the next few days. We finally returned to our boats at 4:00pm. Phew! Shopping is exhausting! Brian and I started unloading all the stuff into Rode Trip and wondering where the heck it would all fit!

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  1. From Ann Landau on Nov 15, 2012
    Gosh, the Walmart here opens at 7 am! But then I don't think they have pig parts and chitlins or whatever.....:-) Yes, shopping IS exhausting....I went for groceries today and saw women with two and three kids trying to do is a very tiring activity! We have a friend here....he does ALL his shopping at Amazon, except for food. Even that you could do I think. Congratulations on all your industry! And Happy Sailing! Ann