Our Golden Goose

  Monday, October 8, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

After motoring back to our mooring ball in Weems creek with BMac the other day we noticed an unusual smell inside Rode Trip's cabin. It smelled a little like exhaust but that wasn't it exactly. Upon opening the door to the engine room we discovered that our trusty diesel engine was leaking hot oil from somewhere, and it smelled...like hot oil. Since the mechanic looked at our engine back in Point Judith, we haven't been having any problems with the engine so it was quite a surprise to have oil on the floor of the engine room. A quick check of the oil level showed that we had too much oil. This is starting to sound very familiar, but with one major difference. We closely monitor our oil pressure while motoring and it has been holding steady right where we expect it to be. It looks like our engine is actually making oil for real this time. It doesn't seem to be thinned at all, and has a healthy black color to it. After pumping the extra oil out of the engine pan it appears that we "created" a gallon of oil since our visit to the mechanic. The engine is now being monitored even more closely than usual, but in the mean time...does anyone want to buy some oil?

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  1. From Sally on Oct 09, 2012
    Cody says he probably over filled it and then it blew the rings out of the pistons. JoAnn says just get a new engine.. Comments from my classroom.