Annapolis Adventures - October 1-2, 2012

  Thursday, October 4, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We arrived in Annapolis! ...and promptly departed for our friends' wedding. Now we are back in Annapolis and settling into our new surroundings. Thanks to Bruce & Kath, we were able to really stock up on supplies with a trip to Sam's Club. On Monday, we topped off these bulk supplies with a trip to the grocery store for our week's meals. Then we had quite the morning reorganizing Rode Trip's cupboards so that all of our goodies would fit. Good news, everything fits and we still have room for more! Also thanks to Bruce & Kath, we were able to get the final details to pull our dinghy together. Now that we have an outboard engine it's like we have another boat to maintain! We completed the checklist of gasoline, two-stroke oil, ethanol treatment (fuel stabilizer), navigation lights, cable, and combination lock. I was beginning to wonder whether our new "wheels" would really be worth all that. The engine started and ran smooth as butter. YAY!! We've really been bopping from Rode Trip to the boat ramp/dinghy tie-up ever since! Amidst the organizing and dinghy prepared-ness we took the opportunity to join our Serendipity friends for a walk downtown on Monday afternoon. The highlight of our downtown tour...FOOD! We visited Chick & Ruth's Delly for their famous 1/2 lb crab cakes. Delicious! We also discovered a killer happy hour from 5-10pm with half price beers totaling roughly $1.50/beer. Haven't seen those prices since college!

Brian and I had so much fun sampling olive oils in Cape May, NJ that on the way home from Annapolis we stopped at The Spice & Tea Exchange to sample some scents. We'll be incorporating lemongrass and mesquite into future recipes (not necessarily at the same time).

Much thanks to our friend Brian "BMac" for offering us his car and his washer/dryer. On Tuesday we made good use of both. I was able to wash clothes that had been waiting for about three weeks; discovered articles of clothing that I had completely forgotten we'd packed! We used the car for a few other errands; West Marine, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Walgreens. We found another happy hour deal at Sonic (who knew!) for half price drinks from 2-4pm. It's astonishing the things us thrifty cruisers spot. Later on Tuesday evening we welcomed BMac aboard Rode Trip for the grand tour. We had a pizza party and Serendipity joined. We played Apples to Apples (finally enough people to play) and reminisced about the 90's. We may or may not have actually found and watched a clip of Dinosaurs on You Tube...TGIT!


  1. From stephanie on Oct 05, 2012
    We're having a grand 'ol time, it's so nice to have met other cruisers and settle in one place for a bit. We explored the Navy Academy the other day which was beutiful and had a great museum. Onward again next week to visit DC from the water.

  2. From Cheryl & Dick on Oct 04, 2012
    Hi Guys, So nice to see that you're having so much fun and all the while learning about new things such as olive oils and spices! We're just a bit jealous of your great adventure. Fair Winds, C&D