Congratulations to the Newlyweds, Mr. & Dr. Lantzsch!

  Tuesday, October 2, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I were thrilled to partake in the wedding of our dear friends, Jake & Katie, on September 29, 2012. We enjoyed spending time in hot showers, washing our laundry, eating three square meals daily...but I digress... What we really enjoyed was spending time with our friends and family to celebrate the joining of two wonderful people for a new, adventurous life together. Jake & Katie chose a beautiful venue for their wedding weekend, the Rosemont Manor in Berryville, VA. It was a great location to relax with our high school friends who aren't able to get together as a group all too often; to laugh, share memories, and reflect (there were mirrors everywhere!).

Practice makes perfect, boys!

'Cuz we're the eight best friends that anyone could have...and we'll never ever ever ever leave each other!

There was time for a bit of exploring while the ladies and gents prepped on wedding day. Kathy, Courtney, and I strolled through Old Town Winchester and perused the shops.

Back at the ranch, we caught up with the gals in the Studio...prepping takes a looooong time!

And the gents ready for their photo shoot.

Here comes the bride!

They're hitched!

More reflecting...

It sure will be hard to go back to life aboard a boat!

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  1. From Sheila Becker on Oct 04, 2012
    Happy Anniversary to you! Hope you had a fun celebration!