It's a Brand New Day! September 10, 2012

  Monday, September 10, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Back out to sea, Brian and I are making our way south!! Yes, seriously this time. We had a wonderful week with Darren, Katie, & Annika. We had a good catch-up visit with Brian & Amanda. And we nearly pulled an all-nighter with Sunny, Berkley, & Kaya. There weren't idle hands during our land time, although we could have achieved some installations had Obma not visited Portsmouth and shut down Prescott Park and Peirce Island on Friday. Sheesh...the feds just can't get enough of interrupting our lives! Brian made good use of Darren's garage and made shelves (to be installed) for the engine room. Brian also made good use of Katie's sewing machine and finished mosquito netting and ratchet straps to tie down the kayaks (tie downs to be installed on deck). Now you must be thinking that I just played with Annika, but I was able to piece together a knitting project...long awaited and yes, still nearly done! Of course I made good use of the washer and dryer too. On the way to Portsmouth, our new genoa halyard broke - well not the halyard but the snap shackle on the halyard. The spring came out of the snap shackle so it was not snapping or holding onto anything. We were able to get a replacement spring from Defender that arrived just in the knick of time on Saturday morning. Brian installed the fan for the composting toilet (also a replacement that had been living at Sunny's house). The fan is buzzing away and we hope it will extend our solids tank usage. We're pleased thus far to have already gotten one month's use per bucket prior to emptying. Brian has added an electric trolling motor (also had been living at Sunny's house) to the stern pulpit to be used for the dinghy. We're hoping the battery for it will find a new home on the engine room shelf once installed. Brian's hoping that the motor will result in my not saying "I hate the dinghy" at every use! We're on the search for round hawse pipes to replace our deteriorating bronze pipes. Brian has done much researching, and we shopped around some boatbuilders in Portsmouth, and we called the Westsail Guru, Bud Taplin. Our hawse pipes leak when we take on waves and of course they are the two forward which leak directly onto my side of the v-berth. After two wet sheet incidents and much more sailing this has become a priority. Round hawse pipes aren't made anymore, and to have them special order cast in bronze or stainless is uber pricy! Brian is just about ready to use any material after Bud Taplin's response "if you find them, let me know where." We're thinking out of the box on this one...including looking at stainless automobile exhausts...but trying to not find a quick fix that would result in a mess. Keep you posted! Our travels started beautifully today as we left Gosport Harbor at 6:00am. We sailed through a pod of dolphins and spotted several Finback whales. And that was just this morning! We have a 15-20knt wind from the north to push us through 6-10ft seas down the coast to Mystic, CT.