Jury Saga Continues

  Tuesday, September 4, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Brian and I researched all possible transportation options, just short of hot air balloons, and thought out every scenario we could imagine in terms of how jury service might play out. We crunched numbers and when all was said and done it was most affordable to move Rode Trip back to Portsmouth. We departed Newport Harbor, RI at 4:00am on Monday, September 3rd. 23-hours later we picked up a mooring in Gosport Harbor at the Isles of Shoals. Now motoring into the Piscataqua River at 1:00pm on Tuesday, September 4th, we are armed with a letter to request Brian's excuse from the two month duration of jury service, the ship's log, and supporting documentation that we have lived aboard since June. Brian is scheduled to arrive in Concord, NH at 8:00am tomorrow morning. We hope he is selected to serve a short trial, thus excused from the duration of service, or dismissed from this trial and excused from the duration of service. We hope the court will earnestly consider our situation as they have NOT been very understanding as of yet. We'd like to graciously thank Mike for use once again of his Piscataqua mooring. We'd like to endlessly thank Darren and Katie for welcoming us back to Base Camp in Hampton and helping Brian get to Concord, NH.


  1. From Another Brian on Sep 05, 2012
    Good luck!

  2. From Sheila Becker on Sep 05, 2012
    Good Luck! We'll be looking forward to hearing what happens tomorrow!