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We have a dilemma. Thankfully, nothing engine related. We continue to have thinning oil issues but are maintaining it and hoping to get it solved in Newport, RI. This dilemma is far worse because it will dramatically impact our finances and our travel schedule and we have limited options. We got the wake-up call (missed it of course and it went to voicemail) on August 15th notifying Brian that he was to respond by the end of the business day or else the federal marshals would be sent to locate him. WHAT!? That certainly got our attention! I had visions of Chuck Norris leaping aboard Rode Trip and tackling Brian into the cockpit. So Brian promptly returned the call to get the scoop. Brian was in the hot seat for not responding to a jury duty summons. However, thank you state of NH for never updating your records, the summons was sent to our very old address at Richard's Avenue and so we never saw it! Now, we are once again residents of NH and so jury duty could have arose at any time. But at least our faithful mail receivers would have let us know! Since we never received the summons, Brian was unable to request to be dismissed because he had missed the deadline. And we learned after receiving the paperwork via email that this was no ordinary wham-bam, thank-you ma'am, waste one long day twiddling your thumbs in the state courthouse...nope, this was a federal court case and the summons was for two months of service! Brian would essentially be on-call for various dates September-October to call in the day prior to determine whether he had to be present at the Concord, NH courthouse the following day for duty. Brian tried to explain our situation the the Clerk of Courts and research options online. Afterall, we aren't physically in NH and this service will render unduelogistical, financial, and safety related hardship. Travel expenses...keeping the boat safe while away...UGH!! Don't think we didn't debate just heading for Bermuda, because we did! Or revoking Brian's US Citizenship and going Irish all the way, because we thought of that too! And then we started brainstorming what, in reality we could do to get through two months of being stationary and losing money. At any rate, Brian must be in Concord on September 5th and will make his case for dismissal from the duration of jury duty service at that time. Meanwhile we will continue to "figure it out!"


  1. From Sally on Aug 25, 2012
    Maybe all of your Blog fans should write letters to the judge. ha ha Dad said that Brian should say he is a member of the clan. You will "figure it out."

  2. From stephanie on Aug 23, 2012
    We would NOT miss this wedding for anything!

  3. From stephanie on Aug 23, 2012
    Yes, could be a blessing in disguise to avoid the hurricane season...there are some brewing already. We're being slightly more optimistic now and planning what we'd like to see of "southern" New England, maybe even the Hudson?

  4. From Jake on Aug 23, 2012
    WOW!!!! They should also be aware of the important commitment of being in a wedding at the end of September and due to finances it will take you exactly that long to travel there. I think that is a very viable excuse!

  5. From Dennis on Aug 23, 2012
    The good news is that the end of October is getting into the "safe" window for traveling south :) So sorry you have hit this stop sign.... D

  6. From Jenn Thiel on Aug 23, 2012
    Seriously, what are the chances?!?!