Bikes on Nantucket, August 20, 2012

  Wednesday, August 22, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

"See the island," they said. "Rent bikes," they said, "it'll be fun." What they didn't say was, "have a sore bum all day." Kudos to bicyclists because this mode of transportation is NOT comfortable. It was an unnerving ride out of town with narrow streets, running into the curb on a wobbly bike trying desperately not to be in the way of passing vehicles, and bumbling over cobblestones. I did enough walking of the bike during the town portion of our route that I was convinced it would have been more fun to just run to our next destination. I kept quiet though, and my patient husband peddled along looking back from time to time to ensure that I hadn't been left in the dust. Thank goodness there was a bike path! Otherwise my nerves, and my bum, would have been worn thin!

Brian was determined to see the Moors and so we biked toward this landscape without really knowing what it looked like. About 5-miles into our trip having seen a lot of entangled, roadside shrubbery and still a bit pumped from my several near death encounters back in town, I finally piped-up. "What if THIS IS the Moors?! I hope you are really LOOKING at it because this may be what you wanted to see!"

And sure enough just over the next knoll and across the street arose a gaping view of, you guessed it, the Moors. The landscape was grasses, small bushes, and stunted trees that resembled the African Serengeti. Brian pondered, " think if we took pictures of this and posted them in a few months people would think we were nearly around the world?"

The bike and I were starting to get along and we had seen the Moors. We stopped at the Milestone Overlook Trail and had a nice view of cranberry bogs and the Sankaty Head Lighthouse far in the distance. This was a good preview to where we were headed.

When we arrived in Siasconset or 'Sconset (the Nantucket pronunciation) we found beautiful cottages and flower boxes. The scene was similar to the homes near the harbor/downtown area, but smaller cottages and more condensed. The roads were narrow but thankfully much less traffic as we peddled through the quaint village. We stopped at the 'Sconset general store and feasted on a "'Sconset cookie" which was deliciously packed with oatmeal, raisins, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Good fuel for biking!

We visited the Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

Nice view of the golf course for you golfers.

The route home led us right to the cranberry bogs. The bogs were dry and the cranberries weren't quite ripe. Brian did find some wild grapes that were tasty. He also spotted a slithery snake, and I heeded his warning by steering clear of the bog.

Back through town to return the bikes Brian scouted as many side streets as possible. We made it! Seeing the island was a great recommendation and bikes was a good way to get up close with the scenery. Once we returned to Rode Trip we made haste to set sail for Martha's Vineyard. So many places to see!