Nantucket (day 1), August 18, 2012

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Welcome to

Well, I wish it were my Nantucket. The bustling, cobblestoned streets were like stepping backward in time with the advantage of having everything the weary cruiser could possibly need...for a fee. Yes if it really were my Nantucket I'd eliminate those fees! While getting our bearings we found easy access to the grocery store, public bathrooms and showers, and public transportation. We made our way to the docks, from the public dock where we had beached the kayaks, to meet our friends, Darren, Katie, and Annika who would soon arrive on the ferry boat. We met our friends at Old North Wharf. First stop - coffee! This his the home of Nantucked Nector juices. Brian and I popped in later to sample the fruit smoothies and they sure were tasty!

Using our trusty Downtown Nantucket map, as apt tourists do, we began our day with a custom walking tour of the area. On the Wharf we were distracted on the crowded streets by storefronts, street vendors, flashy cars, and the cobblestones which would actually trip you up if you weren't careful. We browsed through the Farmers' Market where vendors displayed their crafts and locally grown vegetables. We passed by several street vendors selling beautiful bouquets in Nantucket baskets.

We admired throughout the day the beauty of the flowers in meticulously manicured window boxes and yards.

Along our tour we saw the Coffin School; now housing the Egan Maritime Institute.

We visited the Oldest House; built in 1686.

At the First Congregational Church we were able to climb to the bell tower for clear views of the entire island.

The harbor view from the church.

We stopped for lunch after Darren obtained the local recommendation. Delicious chowda!

And then a stop at Jetties Beach to find the scheduled Sand Castle/Sculpture event...but it had been rained out. So back to our "custom" tour we headed toward the docks.

Remember that non-racing but very interesting ship Brian and I passed by on our sail into the harbor? Well, that ship is the Pride of Baltimore and we got to see her up close and personal with a tour of her deck.

Brian has had big plans to install belaying pins, of course smaller than the ones below, on Rode Trip to secure our halyards when not under sail.

It takes four of the total twelve crew members to haul up this anchor rode!

We have heard these cannons fire during our visit; from the harbor and from the beach.

The boats at the docks were unbelievable! We gawked at them for a while after our Pride of Baltimore tour. Thanks to Race Week, it felt like we were at a boat show!

On to the main event of the day...Cisco Brewing! (And winery and distillery, but of course we were only interested in the beer.)

We took the bus out of town and walked about 1/2 mile in the rain and it was well worth the trip! The beers were delicious and there were so many varieties from which to choose! My fave of the day was the Moor Porter and Brian's fave was Captain Swain Stout (don't let him fool you, it was a HOPPY stout). Darren's pick was the IPA and Katie's was the Moor Porter as well. We also had a sampling of the raw bar. We sang along to sea shanties and danced to the music of the Barbary Ghosts (from San Fran, Christy & Steve a FUN band to see!)

GOOD TIMES!! ...and that was only day 1


  1. From stephanie on Aug 21, 2012
    Haha, that wasn't even pickled yet it was a straight up cucumber from their garden!

  2. From Amanda on Aug 20, 2012
    I am loving reading about your adventures! I think I am a blog stalker LOL. Email Brian or I about your Labor Day plans. We are thinking of coming to see you on the East Coast wherever you maybe :) Missing you and safe sailing!

  3. From Sally on Aug 20, 2012
    Also noticed the picture of the cock pit cover. (terminology?) Interesting.

  4. From Sally on Aug 20, 2012
    Annika would fit right in with the Wasylyks eating that pickle. Glad Darren and Katie were able to join you.