Long Point Beach, August 15, 2012

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Rode Trip awoke us much too early this morning given that our visit with Governor Bradford had lasted until the wee morning hours. Rode Trip was bobbing up and down at anchor because the wind had shifted and the waves were rolling us this way and that. We dozed through as long as we could stand it, then got up to address the situation only to find a thunderstorm soon to pass overhead. Brian made breakfast and we waited out the rain while we regrouped our plans for the day/week. Rode Trip had to be anchored elsewhere - soon! We decided to move toward the opposite side of the breakwater and stop at the fuel dock en-route to top off the diesel and be ready to travel tomorrow. We changed our intended plan to sail around the Cape, and decided we would cross the Cape Cod Bay and head for the canal. This would mean backtracking to Nantucket, which we hoped to avoid, but hopefully with the wind in our favor we could still reach Nantucket in one loooong stretch. So over to Long Point to anchor today and prepare for sailing tomorrow.

We had a nice chat with the two men overseeing the fuel dock. Brian picked their brain about where we might locate a good diesel mechanic for our engine. We got some suggestions on what to check; a compression test for one thing, that a mechanic should easily and quickly be able to do. Our next best bet for a mechanic, according to these gents, would be Newport, RI. They shared some local knowledge about anchoring over near Long Point and about the Cape Cod Canal. They recommended Block Island, RI as a stopping point, and noted that Cuba was a favorite place in the Caribbean. One of the men introduced himself, David, and gave us each a T-shirt that he had created with his own drawing of an attack killer squid. Later this evening we discovered that David is a local artist on the Cape and not only does he make T-shirts, but he has a knack for transforming dull cars into pieces of art.

Over to Long Point, which was the trend today among boats who had been anchored near the breakwater. There were also several small boats anchored for the afternoon to enjoy the beach.

Brian and I set out via kayak to the beach. We walked along the rocky shoreline heading toward the Wood End Lighthouse. We rested our feet in the sand beneath the dunes part way. The lighthouse wasn't getting any nearer so we assumed it was much farther away than we hoped. Not to worry! The tide was low and created sandbars for us to investigate.

While wading I found: several hermit crabs, sand-dollars (live ones and dead ones), and ducks that I think (thanks to my newly borrowed birding guide) are white-winged scoters.

Brian found: a horseshoe crab and a sea worm. He later retrieved some sea worms for bait.

We spotted some seals out on the sandbar and stumbled onto some lobster traps on the beach.

We rounded Long Point for a close-up view of the Long Point Lighthouse.

Back on the Rode again, Brian tested out those sea worms...


  1. From stephanie on Aug 17, 2012
    Glad you're enjoying the photos! We have two Canon cameras; the "nice" camera is a Rebel XS and the "little" camera is a Power Shot. The little camera has a water proof case so it often joins us on kayaks and beach excursions.

  2. From Marilyn M on Aug 16, 2012
    I was just wondering what kind of camera you use? You have some really magnificent shots in the blog. I can't believe you are able to get some of them....especially of the wildlife. I'm enjoying it all so much! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all. Safe travels!

  3. From MOM on Aug 16, 2012
    I LOVE horseshoe crabs! What a find! I hope you find a mechanic soon because I also love good mechanics! Mom/Kath