Isles of Shoals NH to Rockport MA, August 11, 2012

  Sunday, August 12, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We departed Gosport Harbor on a warm, sunny morning and set out from the Isles of Shoals under motor due to light wind.

About 5 miles into our trip Brian used his sixth-sense to select the perfect fishing spot, just in-between other fishing vessels of various sizes. Rode Trip drifted and bobbed for about an hour while Brian tried his hand at cod fishing. Cod do not like ham...and shiny, seemingly appropriate lures were not catching their attention either. I took this opportunity to sunbathe since these opportunities have been few and far between during our New England summer at sea. We had some excitement, not that the fishing and bobbing wasn't thrilling, when a baby harbor seal happened by. This was our closet encounter yet!

We set off again and were able to set sail. We were very fortunate that the rainstorms ashore were not moving out to sea. We sailed upwind along one tack all the way into the harbor. To our delight, it was not crowded. We set the anchor at the Back Harbor just near the dinghy dock.

Once again we had some up close and personal visitors. A family of swans swam very near Rode Trip as we tidied the deck and sails.

After an early dinner we kayaked into town to take a stroll. We revisited Lauri Kaihlanen's gallery where two years ago we purchased our whimsical, colorful print of a 3-headed dragon. The dragon, of course, is hanging in Rode Trip. Lauri's creativity delighted us once again.

We checked out the harbor and then had some ice cream for dessert at The Ice Cream Store.

It's nice to be on the move, but the wind is not in our favor tomorrow to head to Provincetown.

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  1. From Sheila Becker on Aug 12, 2012
    So glad to read that you got back safely, all was well with your boat, and that you're happily on your way again! Thank you SO much for coming ashore and making the trip down to PA for Jenny and Bill's wedding! It was wonderful to have you share this special time with us! Hope to meet you sometime somewhere in your travels! Take care and God be with you! Sheila and Jeff