Portsmouth, August 7-10, 2012

  Saturday, August 11, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Back in Portsmouth, NH Rode Trip was safe and sound on her mooring ball and Brian and I were out and about provisioning and visiting with friends.

The mighty Fiat carted the dinghy back to Peirce Island. Yes, it fit!

And the Fiat was just enough space for all of our groceries. The cooler is a new addition to Rode Trip after years of having needed a cooler and using our roommates' we finally bought our own. The cooler kept our ice blocks frozen during this hot day while running errands. It now doubles as a storage container on the boat.

The J24 team reunited at Mike's house one evening for grilling. It was great to see everyone; Mike & Gail, Andrew, Jen & Aurelia, and Steve, Shana & Lucia. The gang was interested in some of our less enjoyable stories...bottoming out at anchorages, hooked on lobster pots, equipment malfunctions, etc. because they are a bit jealous of our new lifestyle. We shared our best anchorages too and introduced Mike to all sorts of "usable" iPad apps. It was fun to chat about the adventures of parenting with the new little ones. Aurelia and I even took a stroll around the patio. Thanks for a great night J24, Captain and Crew!

We spent another wonderful evening at the Beach Club.

We took some swimming lessons from Katie and Annika in the heated, yes heated, pool. It seems it may benefit me to have a pool noodle aboard to keep me afloat once I'm brave enough to enter warmer, southern waters. We played at the beach with Katie, Christina, Annika, and Hanna. Uncle Brian made some beautiful sand castles...and SMASHING them was really fun!

Hanna dipped her toes into the Atlantic Ocean for the very first time. The water was chilly!

We enjoyed lobsters and steamers on the deck with Darren, Katie, Annika, Gene, Christina, Hanna, Brian, & Amanda. It was so nice to hear what everyone has been doing and share some laughs. More good times to come!

We set out late this afternoon after yet another engine tune-up. Brian replaced the shaft seal on the raw water impeller. The weather was determined to keep us in Portsmouth, so we changed our intended plans and headed out to the Isles of Shoals for the evening. The Shoals have thus far proven to be a good choice for a much more comfortable mooring without boats passing through to cause wakes; we were able to snag a Portsmouth Yacht Club mooring. The Shoals will also be a good jumping point to head to either Rockport, MA or Provincetown, MA depending on the forecast. Rain tonight and all through tomorrow...