Get me to the church on time-August 1st & 2nd

  Thursday, August 2, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

After our great day in Brunswick we woke early and pointed Rodetrip south. Once again there was no morning wind in Maine, but we motored our way south out of Harpswell sound and past the mouth of Casco Bay. We saw some very large white birds with black tips on their wings. They look like they don't have tails, we think that they are Northern Gannets. We waved to landmarks that we had passed on our way north. As we headed south we passed Jewell Island, Wood Island, Kennebunkport, Boon Island, and the Nubble lighthouse on our uneventful trip down the Maine Coast. Shortly after passing the Nubble lighthouse we were drenched by a large rainstorm. We pulled down the genoa in case the wind built when the rain hit, but the wind stayed steady. Thankfully the rain let up before we reached our mooring. On the mooring we packed our dress clothes, and gratefully accepted an invitation from Darren and Katie to come back to their house for showers. This morning we were once again on the move, but at a much much faster pace! We are now in a rental FIAT, moving incredibly fast towards Honesdale for Jenny and Bill's impending wedding. We like the speed of our new "landboat", but it is a little disappointing that we can't stand and stretch, or take 5 minute power naps while driving. We are looking forward to a weekend of catching up with our families and spending a little time on dry land.


  1. From stephanie on Aug 07, 2012
    It was great to reconnect! Let's keep a good thing going! Good luck with next year's planning, maybe we'll make a guest appearance.

  2. From Kevin Serena on Aug 06, 2012
    Hope your trip back to PA was enjoyable. Im happy that you were able to make the family reunion, it was great catching up with you Steph, wish you all the luck with your voyages and i will be following along. Stay safe! Kevin