Engine Update

  Tuesday, July 31, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

We were getting ready to leave Rockland, so one last check on the oil level to make sure that it was right where expected. It was definitely at the right level, but had a milky grey coloration to it. I knew something was definitely wrong, and headed to shore to get supplies for an additional oil change and to talk over the possibilities with Dennis. The consensus was that there was water in the oil, but not very much. This really left only two possibilities. 1. We have a leak of coolant into the oil system on the engine. This is a big problem, and it will continue to leak and will become even more obvious in the oil. This seemed unlikely because when we started having engine problems we started monitoring all our fluid levels and the coolant level has been steady. 2. We ended up with condensation in our crankcase/oil pan from some step in the changeover of our fuel lift pump. We crossed our fingers that it was option 2, and talked to Dennis about how we could get in touch with some of his friends who are marine mechanics and started on our way. After motoring for a while we checked the oil again and we are back to a nice "clean" oil color! Whew. I hope that the engine is running so smoothly now that there are no additional blog posts about it for a while.