Farewell Rockland to Mosquito Head, July 29, 2012

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Rode Trip was having a difficult time saying goodbye to her new friends. While in Rockland, she had a visit from Mark, Marta, Roan, & Alec. They popped aboard for a brief visit before heading back to Por Dos to entertain their own weekend guests. Mark & Marta reminisced about their first boat, Por Nada, which was similar to Rode Trip in size and design. We enjoyed having a crowd and were happy to show off Rode Trip. Roan and Alec had a lesson in pilot berths and another lesson in the many uses of a dremel. Por Dos is headed for MA so we hope to see her there. While provisioning, Rode Trip docked for fuel at Journey's End Marina and found another Westsail '32 "Heron" docked at the marina. Brian recognized that Heron has been posted for sale for some time. We took a walk across the docks for a closer look. Nobody was around for a tour, but to our delight the prospective buyers happened by our way to check out Rode Trip. We welcomed them aboard. The couple was hopeful that Heron would become their first sailboat, having had power boats for years. They live in Florida and have plans to sail Heron home in several hops down the east coast. We don't know much about Heron to compare, but we certainly shared our Westsail love thus far with our experiences on Rode Trip. The decision wasn't final, but we'll keep our eyes out for Heron along the way! Our newfound friend, Dennis, invited us to his home for dinner. Dennis and Sadie (a champion black lab) proved to be great hosts. Dennis grilled burgers and shared a delicious rhubarb-raspberry dessert called Betty. Mmm the taste of hearty, charcoaled meat and then fruity, cakey goodness a'la mode! We got to know one another and shared many interests: sailing (obviously), brewing, cooking, dogs, etc. Dennis' wife was disappointed to miss our introduction but hopefully our paths will cross once again, maybe in Cuba, while Candice isn't at work. As I mentioned, Rode Trip was having a difficult time saying goodbye and the rainy Sunday morning was a delicate foreshadowing to what Brian would soon find upon his daily oil check. Cloudy, grey oil. UGH! I'll let him share the details... We did set off from Rockland. Just beyond the harbor as we rounded Owls Head Lighthouse we set sail. And we slowed to bobbing up an down in the waves. No wind. More motoring and keeping a close eye on the engine gauges to make certain no other changes were going to surprise us. We motored through a dreary afternoon to Mosquito Head where we tucked in for the night. We had good holding and a bit of roll that tapered as we finished dinner. We also had a new view from the bow!

And aft

And to port


  1. From Candace Kuchinski on Aug 02, 2012
    Hi! This is the long lost wife to Dennis. So sorry to have missed meeting you! Perhaps Dennis, Sadie, and I will sail into your harbor someday and we'll finally meet. Thanks for saving me some of that dessert :)

  2. From Dennis on Aug 01, 2012
    Champion Barker maybe.