Duck Harbor, Acadia National Park, July 18, 2012

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During breakfast this morning we had some entertainment from the local kids. A group of boys was using a small motorboat, tooling around the mooring field while taking turns tubing behind the boat. The boys seemed to be having a blast! We motored through the Isle au Haut Thorofare farther south to Duck Harbor where we could easily pick up trails to explore Acadia National Park. We passed the Robinson Point lighthouse on the way and noticed a for sale sign in the yard. Lighthouse, anyone? Could be a nice vacation spot!

There is a campground at Duck Harbor. As we approached we found a nicely maintained dock entering the campground. The ferry makes stops at the dock during the summer for campers and day-trippers to access trails.

There were some swimmers on the dock. It was a warm, sunny day but the shivering swimmers confirmed my lacking interest in the cool Maine waters. I was ready to hit the trails!

We chatted with park ranger, Jeff, once again. He and Brian exchanged squid fishing strategies. We learned that the squid are also running at Isle au Haut. In fact, it can be quite the event at the public dock around 9:30pm when locals and visitors gather to fish for squid under the bright dock lights. Jeff had caught one squid with his newly purchased lure; as for preparing the squid after catching them we still needed more instructions. We hiked the Western Head of Isle au Haut along the Western Head, Cliff, Goat, and Median Ridge trails. I found it ironic that our route offered various ocean views. In-between we walked once again through bogs, pine groves, and rocky areas. The beaches were lined with smooth rocks and the trail was lined with tree roots.

Interestingly, parts of the trail resembled Acadia National Park at Mt. Desert.

There were several areas near the cliffside where trees had died. We suspect that salt water had seeped into these areas making it difficult for the trees to thrive.

While hiking along minding my own business, I caught glimpse of a slithering creature beneath my feet. I jumped about 1-foot in the air and hustled off the trail as best I could. Brian took this opportunity to take a few photos of the wildlife.

Brian, being much braver, took the lead for a while on the hike. No other encounters...and then while minding my own business once again in the lead...another slithered right between my feet! I hurled myself into the air for a jumping split in avoidance. PHEW! Heart racing, I looked back to find that Brian was a bit frazzled because my frantic darting had led the snake right to his right foot! EWE! I reminded Brian that there are no snakes in Hawaii and one can hike there with ease! Brian took the lead again. As we rounded a corner the timing couldn't have been better. Brian was very calmly telling me that everything was ok when...there was a rustling in the bushes and a deer leapt just to our right. Ok...breathing once again and Brian continued to lead. Seriously! Another rustle in the bushes just ahead and two rabbits hopped right through our path!

Well, this hike had become exhilarating to say the least. When we returned to the road I started to relax again and enjoy the scenery. Not even kidding, one last time I leapt about 1-foot into the air to avoid...yet another snake! Only this one was flattened into the road - dead. UGH! I do not like those critters! Well poor Brian didn't know what to do, so we continued side by side along the road until we were safely back at the campground.

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  1. From Aurelia Thiel C/O Jenn Thiel on Jul 24, 2012
    Ba-ba-ba, ga-ga-ga, ka-ka-ka, ma-da. Translation: Thank you for my WONDERFUL present :) You guys are the best! Stay safe. Fair winds and following seas :)