Bunker Cove at Roque Island, ME July 11, 2012

  Friday, July 13, 2012 / Brian / Uncategorized  

Roque Island is privately owned, as the Cruising Guide to the Main Coast tells us, by the Gardner and Monks families. Due to conservation efforts on the island, the owners have restricted visitors to landings only on Great Beach. The island is clearly posted to indicate this. Thankfully, Great Beach is the highlight of Roque Island. And so we set off from our private anchorage in Bunker Cove to find the beach with white, soft sand that the guides and hopeful yachtsmen are raving about.

We paddled through the Roque Island Thorofare and rounded the bend to find ourselves in the center of the island. The island is shaped like an 'H' with Great Beach at the center and small islands scattered about the perimeter. Sprawling before us was Great Beach and it looked magnificent!

As we beached the kayaks, we noticed horseback riders off in the distance. We wondered if the riders were the owners, or guests? It was clear, as the guidebook forewarned, that we were not welcome to join them exploring inland.

There was plenty to see on the nearly mile long stretch of open beach.

We saw traces of other visitors, and of the horses we'd spotted upon our arrival.

It was very romantic having the entire beach to ourselves!

Great Beach had everything to offer...soft, white sand, pebbles, and bordering dunes. We searched for unique stones, sea glass, and shells. Brian enjoyed a game of baseball; a big piece of driftwood quickly transformed into a bat and he pitched himself rocks to hit into the sea. We peeked farther inland whenever an opportunity presented itself.

We walked the entire stretch of beach and back. It was a remarkable afternoon!