Mistake Island, ME July 9-10, 2012

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There was no mistakin' that Mistake Island and neighboring Night and Steele Harbor Islands were well worth the trip! The morning revealed a beautiful cove sheltering our anchorage. I noticed that the seals had all left their rock across the way...well, the early worm gets the fish! Or...they were chased away by the lobstermen that came through at 6:50am. No downeast cove is left untouched by lobster pots!

After breakfast, we set out on the kayaks for a paddle around Steele Harbor Island. It was low tide when we started out and so Brian took this opportunity to harvest our supper.

There were seals popping their heads up here and there along our paddle and various birds circling overhead. We saw gulls, Canada geese, crows, two bald eagles, and this undefined eagle which we are thinking may be a juvenile bald eagle. Bird watchers to the rescue! (We really don't have a good birding field guide yet.) We saw several of these eagles throughout the day.

We kayaked in and out of inlets/coves all along the coast of Steele Harbor Island. Here is summer house #3...convenient docking for high or low tide and, isn't it obvious, location, location, location!

Upon reaching the ocean on the opposite side of the island, we beached the kayaks for a break ashore a small, rocky island. We found beautiful wildflowers and another spectacular view of Moose Peak Lighthouse.

We paddled back and upon reaching Rode Trip continued onward to get a walking view of Moose Peak Lighthouse which was just ahead of our anchorage. From the beach, we clamored over rocks toward the top of the hill where we found a lovely boardwalk. This boardwalk is maintained by the Coast Guard and leads from the lighthouse to a small boathouse on the end of the island. The boathouse is all boarded with plenty of 'No Trespassing' signs and warnings that defacing any property would be penalized.

Back at Rode Trip, I attempted to get a closer view of the seals that had returned to their rock. They scattered quickly. Since it was not easy to make friends, I returned to the boat. We ate a light lunch and decided to make way toward Roque Island for tonight's stay.

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  1. From admin on Jul 11, 2012
    Hi Stephanie, what a great spot; love the pictures. That's a juvenile Bald Eagle – they don't get the white head until about 3 years. --Mark