Red Sky at Night, Sailors' Delight! July 7, 2012 (cont.)

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Martha and Kyle were on their way to NH and Brian and I had some errands to tend to while still in Bar Harbor. We did some shopping for new synthetic clothes; Brian had lost a pair of shorts via ripping them down the side and I was still short on quick dry clothing. So we price compared and tried on and ended up with one pair of shorts each, one pair of pants for me, and a new pair of Keen shoes for Brian. I've been living in my Keen shoes because they are so versatile. They've been great for beaching kayaks and dinghies and then walking comfortably around town or going on a hike. So it was move-over Teva, the Keens are taking over the shoe closet! Our wardrobe was complete per our "should have" list that lingered after moving aboard. Bar Harbor was very convenient for another grocery trip also as we were able to walk to Hannaford. We replenished our fruit and picked up a few other stock-up type items. Then a short dinghy paddle back to Rode Trip and we made way to sail. We returned to Southwest Harbor and anchored in our cozy nook outside of Norwood Cove. The track has been uploaded to our saved travels as July 7th track We had dinner plans with our newfound friend, Bruce. We'd met during our Offshore Emergency Medicine course in Portland, ME and were thrilled to reconnect with Bruce while he was vacationing on his own sailboat in Northeast Harbor. For the occasion, Bruce had selected Red Sky, a well known restaurant in Southwest Harbor. We dressed for the evening out and headed ashore.

Thank you, Bruce, for a most enjoyable evening! Bruce shared wonderful memories from his own travels and recommended several destinations for our sailing agenda. We compared notes on what we have learned thus far about living aboard. Brian and Bruce recalled their experiences in Alaska, we indulged our developing interest in bird watching, and of course swapped sailing stories. We had a delectable meal and most memorable Pino Noir, St. Innocent, which came highly recommended from Tacoma. We ended our evening looking forward to what lies ahead and thankful for the wisdom and enthusiasm of those who have already been.

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  1. From Sally on Jul 09, 2012
    So glad you got to see Martha and Kyle. Looks like you had fun. Are you heading back down the coast now?