Seguin Island, ME June 29, 2012

  Sunday, July 1, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

Seguin Island houses the second oldest lighthouse on the coast of Maine. From our approach, the light was most impressive towering 180 feet above the sea. We beached the kayaks and headed ashore for a closer look. From the beach we followed the tram up hill toward the lighthouse. Bo, the lighthouse keeper, gave us a tour of the Seguin Lighthouse. Up the spiral staircase we went all the way to the top and were able to walk around the outside of the light. Bo shared that he and his wife were spending the summer at Seguin; his wife has an affection for this lighthouse having lived on the island with her parents from when she was two weeks old to two years old. From our birds' eye view, Bo showed us the outbuildings and trails on the island. Below you can see the oil house and to the right of the oil house is the landing pad for Coast Guard helicopters. The letter H and arrow directly above face north. Below you can see the signal house where there was first a bell, then a steam whistle, and finally an electric horn. The signal house sounds during inclement weather and/or fog. When steam provided power, the tram would transport coal from the harbor all the way to the signal house. The tram is still utilized, as Bo shared, it is used to transport his week's supplies to the top of the hill just as it had several years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed Seguin Island; the lighthouse and private tour, and the hiking trails. A must see!