Portsmouth, NH to Jewell Island, ME

  Thursday, June 28, 2012 / Stephanie / Uncategorized  

We made good use of our rainy days in Portsmouth getting settled on Rode Trip and spending more quality time with friends. We BB-Q'ed with Darren, Katie, Annika, Scott, Nikki, Sunny, & Berkley. We docked at the Kittery Point Yacht Club for lunch with Andrew, Jen, & Aurelia. And we took advantage of one last $2 Tuesday at Fat Belly's where the team "Rode Trip" consisting of Sunny, Berkley, Brian, & me competed at trivia - to no avail. Mike and Casey were able to see us off at Pierce Island with recommendations for vacation spots where he and Gail hope to join. As soon as the hand line is installed, we'll let Mike know to swap fish recipes. And now we say goodbye to our home port and set sail! We sailed on a broad reach for 8-hours on Wednesday 6/27. The wind was gusty, seas built as we got farther offshore, and the skies were cloudy with intermittent rain. Captain Brian decided to reef the sail; meaning we took down part of the main sail to decrease sail area and slow our speed. Slow our speed! Yes, we were heeled completely to starboard and "screamin" (Captain's official term for moving quickly.) Rode Trip was holding 7.5 knots. Below, you can see where the main sail had been tied to lower part way. This went very smoothly because the first mate follows directions well and is very STRONG. We were pleased overall and I was excited to have learned some new sail handling. We reached Jewell Island at 1820 and set anchor off the west side of the island in Cocktail Cove. Time to explore!


  1. From Brian on Jun 30, 2012
    We couldn't make that up if we tried! It really is called cocktail cove and I can vouch that there is good holding at 43°41'17.15"N , 70°5'24.39"W.

  2. From stephanie on Jun 30, 2012
    Life jacket, YES. Tethered, NO.

  3. From Mike Thiel on Jun 29, 2012
    Cocktail Cove as a first anchorage? Are you making that up or is there really a Cocktail Cove in Casco Bay? Seems appropriate anyway for a first stop. Of course any and all future anchorages could be dubbed "Cocktail Cove!"

  4. From Aunt Margaret on Jun 29, 2012
    Love reading about your trip. The Head - not so much! During the reefing of the main sail,was the first mate wearing her life jacket or was she tethered? Love to both of you, Aunt Margaret