Minor Details

  Thursday, June 14, 2012 / Stephanie / Moving aboard Preparations visitors  

I'm happy to say that the interior of Rode Trip is move-in ready! We're shifting gears to get our stuff stowed and add some final homey touches. I've touched up interior paint, vacuumed and dusted every crevice, and added non-skid shelf liners to drawers and shelves. Brian has fashioned curtains, lee cloths, and a silverware holder (thanks Katie's sewing machine) and we've fitted everything prior to installing. We added a mirror to the head and found places for our most treasured pictures. Amidst the packing, we're also completing those last minute "big projects" like painting the deck, installing the propane tanks, refitting the hatch sliders, and installing the solar panel. And of course sorting tools, building our medical kit, and inventorying our safety gear. Phew! At the end of long days, it's even difficult to cook a hearty meal. Brian is often asking, "where's the..." and, "have you seen..." because the contents of our kitchen are either packed for storage or in some 'to the boat' pile. We've been letting our brains unwind with episodes of How I MetYour Mother and glasses of wine. Fortunately we did get some play time on Tuesday while we puppy-sat. Meet Kaya, Sunny & Berkley's newest family member. Kaya is very sweet and playful...but I don't think she's quite developed her work ethic.