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  Saturday, June 9, 2012 / Stephanie / Running Preparations  

Brian and I drove home from Portland, ME last night and could't wipe the smiles off our faces.  We were excited about cruising and for a brief moment of mutual bliss we felt oddly prepared - or I should say prepared enough. I awoke this morning and set out for a seven mile run assuming that my fears would resurface and anxiety would inevitably slow the progress necessary to move onto the boat as scheduled.  As my body settled into mile two, my mind swirled with medical jargon, dollar signs, and "what if?" scenarios.  "Ok," I thought, "now is time to panic; here are all the fears that our mothers warned us about (some new that I wouldn't dare tell them about) AND I can see the metaphorical shower drain in the center of our boat into which all our money goes as fellow boat owners warned me about."  Instead of panic, I was eerily calm and confident.  I might also add that my body was relieved to encounter a long downhill which is rare on any running course in Amesbury.  My swirling brain slowed with the new found knowledge telling me "hey, for any of those what if's for accidents or illnesses, I do know how I can stabilize and hopefully improve the situation."  Keeping the boat safe, in addition to tending a patient, will require some additional field training however; but that won't come until we're in the water.  Breathing got a bit easier at this point which could have been either my reaching the four mile mark where I tend to warm-up or more likely excitement replacing my worries.  Except, of course, for dollar signs...they just keep on swirling.  Enough with this running, it's a sunny day and I have a deck to paint! Now, if all of this has you thinking, "how many miles did she run?"  The answer is Yes, 7 and Yes even having just run a marathon 7 miles still feels like an eternity!

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  1. From admin on Jun 10, 2012
    Hi Stephanie –– nicely stated. How can one prepare for the unknown, and yet, you do the best you can and you know you are as ready as you can be. Indeed, the unknown can happen even on shore and you are now better prepared than most of us to handle it. And -- the 7 miles -- it often surprises me how much harder a shorter workout can seem compared with a longer race. Cheers, --Mark