Monday, July 1, 2019 / Stephanie / Exploration  

The train brought us to Morocco’s coastal city of Assilah. At the train station, before we’d had a moment to get acclimated, we met Abdel and agreed to an impromptu tour with him of this adorable, artsy place. Abdel’s first stop with us was his very own hostel for a mint tea and a roof-top view.

Once we’d gotten acquainted with Abdel over shared mint tea, we headed into Assilah for a guided tour of the medina. You know another rug is coming... we had not realized it yet.

Ok, so I skipped through our tour to eliminate your wondering about our second rug purchase. This was an entirely different experience mostly because we actually wanted one of these rugs. However, similar to our prior rug shop encounter, we had not waltzed ourselves into the shop as willing customers. Thanks to Abdel. We did, of course, have another roof-top view thrown into the deal. This was a rug co-op specializing in hand-crafted Berber rugs. These rugs were fabulous! If we had a ginormous house waiting for us I would have bought a rug for every room! Brian and I are complicated customers, especially when when we want something because it actually has to be an appropriate fit for a sailboat. We were shown oodles of rugs of various designs and textures. Our challenge was size. The rugs we loved were massive! Finally we narrowed down several runners that measuring by eye we thought would have a home aboard Detour. Brian haggled down the price and we were out the door with yet another Moroccan rug!

Our tour with Abdel was lovely. Truly I can thank him for a fantastic day! Assilah was charming and quiet. Abdel answered all sorts of our questions about Moroccan culture and food. He walked us through the souk, the medina, and he showed us into the art gallery before seating us at a delicious little restaurant for lunch. Several hours spent with Abdel cost us only 5-Euros, and a rug. After saying goodbye to Abdel we continued to stroll through the medina in search of every mural we could find. We took a walk by the waterfront to see the fishermen’s harbor and then headed back to catch the late afternoon train.