The Finca

  Monday, January 14, 2019 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Goodbye, 2018!  We danced and kazoo-ed our way into the New Year beside our very good friends, Bill and Grace, beneath the fireworks at Gibraltar's Casemates Square.  It was a tremendous celebration! Bill, Stephanie, Grace, & Brian We couldn't wait for what 2019 has in store for us, so on New Year's Day we set out on a little trip (with another of Spain's ridiculously cheap car rentals) to visit more good friends of ours at the finca. REWIND for a moment... Who are these friends?  Behind the scenes, we've been cavorting with Chris and his friends, Julia, Moritz, and Thea, who are traveling through southern Spain via RV.  We met Chris years ago in Alvor, Portugal when we established the Alvor Anchor Club.  Brian and I have been thrilled to spend more time with Chris while we are all on the same continent!  What is a finca??  In Spanish, the term finca describes a country estate, or ranch.  Chris invited us to spend some time at Finca Montemero where he and his RV pals planned to spend several weeks contributing to this ever-morphing group of people who gather to share ideas and promote sustainable living. Brian and I received a fabulous welcome at Finca Montemero.  We met the community for the first time during their dinner hour.  We had the luxury of our own room in the farmhouse, and were keen to help around the property in any way we could during our visit.  Brian initiated a game night with one of our board games.  Steph provided some late-night background music, strumming the house's Ukulele.  We did some physical work in the gardens too, and Brian took the drone for a spin for some PR footage.  This community is truly unique; science, art, engineering, intuition, and love of nature coming together with the overall hope to generate awareness to improve the way the world works.  Finca Montemero has tremendous potential!  Currently, long-term projects include aqua farming (extensive dive/free-dive courses available, permaculture, and plastics recycling).  The sky is the limit! When we weren't in the finc-tank, we went out to explore the surrounding area.  Chris took us down to the beach.             Then, we headed to the highest peak nearby for a reminiscent off-trail trek. We began with a short drive down a questionable, rental car appropriate road.  Nonchalantly we strolled through an open golf course oasis, which did not blend into the landscape at all!  We found a trail, then headed off-trail toward the summit.  We found several abandoned mines. The guys partially entered a mine.  I waited outside to call EMS if necessary.  Finally, we made a bee-line downhill hopped the railroad tracks and hopped a fence to return to our rental car. Our next destination, about 1-hour away, was a trail (actually a trail this time) at Sierra de la Muela, Cabo Tinoso y Roldan.  This was a fabulously sunny, scene changing, amazing viewpoint, picnic kinda day! Brian, Stephanie, Chris, & Julia picnicking And then, the grand finale of our visit happened with RV off-roading into that pristine, room with a view!