Vestvagoy Vikings

  Thursday, July 21, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

At the island of Vestvagoy, from the airport at Leknes, we would say goodbye to Josh.  But we couldn't let him leave without just one more excursion!We visited the Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg.  In 1981, a farmer plowing his fields at Borg discovered the ruins of a dwelling.  Further excavation determined that the farmer's discovery was an 83m-long Viking chieftain's longhouse; the largest longhouse of its era ever to be discovered in Scandinavia.  The Lofotr Viking Museum replicated the longhouse, beside the ruins, and created an interactive museum to display the lifestyle of Vikings and the important role of the chieftain.  The museum also exhibits Viking artifacts, a remarkable showing of Viking craftsmanship and seafaring world trade. Vikings eat a hearty breakfast, dried Torrfisk! Thanks, Josh, for visiting us aboard Detour!  Happy return to the New World!