Goats & Scallops, by Kathy

  Wednesday, June 8, 2016 / Stephanie / News  

I had fallen asleep while sitting up at the dinner table.  It was almost midnight and I was tired even though it wasn't dark! Everyone chatted about future plans at towns that I cannot pronounce.  Every day had an adventure and Brian and Stephanie were eager to capture each one!  This particular day, we'd sailed a lot.  The sun shone and the weather was cool and clear; just the way I like it, cool!  Bruce had enjoyed trimming sails and charting the course. He even fished for cod!When we settled into this secluded, picturesque cove we were greeted by two goats! Brian put on his hiking boots and off we followed to the top of a boulder hill. Stephanie used the opportunity to shower and relax a bit since Brian had two new playmates! It was an easy-ish, short hike but when we got to the top the two goats had taken the fastest route straight up the boulders and we're waiting for us on top. We were enjoying the view and chuckled about the goats.  When we looked below we saw several other curious goats headed toward the dinghy! Brian was concerned that the goats might be familiar with boats for whatever reason and didn't want them poking at the dinghy with their hooves so he started down the hill, mountain sounds more exciting but it was a hill. Bruce, concerned also, clapped his hands and called to them.  It distracted them and they headed right up to us. They were not afraid and acted as our guides down the path. I asked repeatedly, "Are they going to ram us? What do goats do?" Our only worry was that they were so close their bodies pushed into Bruce sometimes, and we did not want to be pushed downhill. We counted 10 goats in all! On the top of boulder hill there was a scallop shell.  I commented on its beauty and Bruce said some bird had enjoyed this tasty scallop treat. Brian said, "Oh! I bet we can find scallops, let's go scallop fishing!"  Two hours later, we were shucking a bucket full of scallops.  This picture was taken close to nine o'clock at night while Brian seared scallops in a homemade garlic wine sauce.  It doesn't get dark until after eleven o'clock at night and the twilight colors had been spectacular!  We finally ate every morsel over pasta! I am very grateful for being able to be here and to experience one adventure after the next!


  1. From Stephanie Grandjean on Jun 15, 2016
    Everybody is taking pictures! It's too scenic to miss a single shot!

  2. From steffi on Jun 09, 2016
    Hi, thank you for the beautiful pictures. So nice. Wow. Have a nive trip. Hope we´ll see again. Take care. Steffi

  3. From Donna on Jun 08, 2016
    What an adventure! Beautiful!!!

  4. From Micheke on Jun 08, 2016
    Hi to all great story but I have a question who is taking the pictures?Love the pictures as usual.Keep enjoying it is an amazing aventure.Take care.?Michele