Monday, June 6, 2016 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Our hearts were pumping, our legs were aching, and around every bend..."AAHH, UP again!"  The weather was spectacular on the day we tackled the trail to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), as if we'd stepped into one of Norway's tourist guide photos.  We started from the village of Jørpeland, Detour was anchored nearby.   Transportation from Jørpeland Quay to the Preikestolen trail head is very convenient with a number of bus options; we'd taken the local Kolumbus for this 20-minute ride.  (It is possible to hike Preikestolen from Jørpeland.  The hike becomes 28km and the trail is well groomed and well marked, as we'd experienced the day prior hiking the Selemork trail portion along the Jørpelandsåna River.)  With every UP we'd huff and puff, but it was the Lysefjord that finally took our breath away! Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) overhangs the Lysefjord at a height of 604 meters above sea level; the hiking trail ascent from the trail head is 350 meters.  Tourists of all nationalities and ages swarmed the top of the rock and buzzed around the surrounding mountaintops; cameras were swapped and selfie sticks extended, everyone wanted to capture these memorable moments with their families and friends.  We soaked in the view, became the stars of our own photo shoot, then settled down for lunch in a nook behind the pulpit.


  1. From Art on Jun 07, 2016
    I'm not too crazy about that big crack in the rock!!!!!

  2. From Ems on Jun 06, 2016
    AMAZING pictures!