Us Heit Brewery

  Friday, October 2, 2015 / Stephanie / Exploration  

  'Tis the season for harvesting hops!We visited the town of Bolsward via bicycle (a 20-mile 'round trip from Sneek) to tour the Us Heit Brewery and Distillery.  Talk about a fabulous combination!  Us Heit is small but this brewery, with a full-time staff of four, packs deliciousness into their brews made with homegrown barley, hops, and Us Heit's own yeast strains.  Us Heit beer can only be found in Fryslan.  We sampled the Bokbier on tap at the brewery...Mmmm, Mmmmm!We'd learned that the barrels used for Us Heit's single-malt whiskey come from Spain, having been first used for red wines and sherries.  The barrels are used for whiskey, and afterwards some are also used for special beers.  But when Us Heit is finished with barrels, they recycle them yet again by selling barrels to a mustard producer.  The barrels then contain the vinegar used for making mustard.  Keep that in mind the next time you select your dijon!    The whiskey, by the way, was very smooth and made for easy sipping.  It is distributed throughout the Netherlands so I'm certain that several more bottles will end up aboard Detour.  Having moved to the tasting room after the tour, we were joined by the couple who had toured with us; similar to our age, they were ending a holiday spent visiting family and relaxing in Fryslan.  They shared some Dutch fried delicacies with us, appetizers that were bravely sampled since nobody really knew what filling was behind each of the breaded balls.  The yummy variety included cheese, chicken, and curry.  They gave us some other suggestions for Dutch food as we shared what we had already tasted throughout the Netherlands.  Conversation went back and forth with ease as we got acquainted and soon much laughter ensued as we swapped stories of travel.  I hope they enjoyed our company as much as we did theirs for a lovely afternoon spent at the brewery!