SAIL Amsterdam

  Sunday, September 6, 2015 / Stephanie / Exploration  

From the town of Weesp on the Vecht River, we stationed ourselves for quite possibly the largest event we will ever attend.  SAIL Amsterdam, the largest public event in the Netherlands since its debut in 1975 is now also the largest, free nautical event in the world.  SAIL occurs every five-years; although the SAIL Foundation works daily throughout the world to foster an interest in classic sailing ships of all varieties, inspire youngsters toward education regarding sea and inland sailing and seafaring history, and promote the Port of Amsterdam and the North Sea Canal.  This year, SAIL Amsterdam attracted a record number of 44 tall ships; 23 of which were over 40-meters in length (A class). see the ships listed here We attended the opening day parade and second day of SAIL Amsterdam by taking a train into the city from Weesp.  I cannot possibly, clearly express in words the excitement we felt; the number of people attending (nearly 2-million), the number of vessels circling the harbor day and night...IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  Aside from the attraction of the ships themselves there were multiple musical performances throughout several stages, food trucks, swag vendors, children's exhibitions, water cycling races, Optimist sailing school, fireworks display each night, and SO MANY ACTIVITIES!  And now for the photos from this remarkable event. The SHIPS The SPECTATORS DOCKING Via TUGBOAT INTO The NIGHT WELCOME ABOARD


  1. From Brian Grandjean on Sep 16, 2015
    That keg was actually a boat designed to look like a keg. It was driving around all by itself. We also saw at least two boats that looked like wooden shoes!

  2. From Grandma on Sep 07, 2015
    The posts from the Netherlands continue to be outstanding. Did you plan it to be there at the time of the SAIL Amsterdam? That looks like a sailors' delight festival. You do have a skill at getting good pictures. What was that floating out there that looked like a keg, right next to one of the other boats? It didn't appear to be attached to anything, but maybe a little platform of some sort.