Dames de Meuse

  Saturday, August 15, 2015 / Stephanie / Exploration  

The town of Laifour was simply, adorable!  I'm certain it was the setting for Belle's "little town" in Beauty and the Beast. Laifour was also one of our most scenic stops, set in the heart of the Ardennes Mountains.  We moored at a quiet, comfortable halte fluvial (3.50-Euros). Small, stone homes with shuttered windows like these in Laifour were the new style we'd viewed along the riverbanks.   At Laifour, there is a well-marked trail leading through an impressive row of forested cliffs.  These three cliffs are known as Dames de Meuse; the ladies tower above the left bank of the Meuse River.  The EuroCanals guide details the legend of these cliffs, having been named Hodieme, Berthe, and Iges after three unfaithful wives who had been turned to stone by divine wrath. The following day, equally splendid views of Dames de Meuse from the river.