Market Day

  Wednesday, November 12, 2014 / Stephanie / Exploration  

Brian and I were eagerly awaiting our first Wednesday in Port St Louis du Rhone. Our landlord, Michel, had informed us that each Wednesday there was a market on our street; and so we couldn't park on the street on Tuesday nights or Wednesdays. The parking was not a problem, there is plenty of parking nearby. We looked forward to experiencing our first French farmers' market...and boy, were we in for a surprise! Wednesday morning arrived right on schedule. As we ate breakfast, we could hear racket from outside of vendors setting up their stands. When we finally stepped outside we'd found not only our street but the entire main street in town had transformed into an outdoor shopping mall! Vendors filled the streets! They were selling clothing, shoes, fabrics, pots and pans, toys, electronics, ceramics, jewelry, and flowers. The food vendors were selling meats, fish, cheeses, produce, olives, and breads. We browsed the streets all the way to the end of town and back. We hand selected fresh fruits and vegetables and sampled dried sausages. There was much to experience a midst the bustling shoppers, enthusiastic vendors, and town-wide loudspeakers blaring music and advertisements overhead. In the parking lot across the street from our apartment there were rotisserie trucks slow-cooking whole chickens. Smells of the roasting chicken, the nearby fish vendor, and the open-aired cheeses wafted together as we rounded the corner to peruse the trucks and tables. Our most alarming discovery was one of the butchery trucks that was selling exclusively horse meat. So much to experience, and fortunately this market will continue to appear before our very doorstep each and every Wednesday!


  1. From Stephanie Grandjean on Nov 14, 2014
    Janet, the markets seem to be on different days in different towns. Nearby town of Arles is much larger and hosts the market on Saturdays - we explored that one also and it was really interesting to see the types of vendors. Many more craftsmen such as leather, wood, jewelry, shoes. And a larger representation of the Muslim population who are immigrating into France.

  2. From Janet Heinly on Nov 14, 2014
    Wow! How lucky is that :) The market looks fantastic, and so delicious. I really miss the farmer's markets in Reading and Lancaster. We would go every week, and once Warren and I lived in Honesdale, we would go every visit to our parents.

  3. From Brian Schmoyer on Nov 14, 2014
    That looks like so much FUN!

  4. From bahama mama penny on Nov 13, 2014
    I love being just one day away from what you are doing! How long will you be in France? You making your way here at all???